Trade Deadline: Could Necas Be Available?

Colorado Avalanche v Carolina Hurricanes
Colorado Avalanche v Carolina Hurricanes / Jared C. Tilton/GettyImages

The closer to the trade deadline, the more players become involved in trade rumors, whether they truly are available or not. It has been well documented how the Carolina Hurricanes have many players with expiring contracts. These players, both young and old, will certainly be brought up over the next week or so.

Although Carolina is comfortably in a playoff spot, any player on the team with an expiring contract will be a thought for analysts and NHL general managers. Recently a young, core piece was brought into the rumor mill by New York Post's, Larry Brooks. It appears Brooks has gotten wind that the Canes are open to trading Martin Necas and listening to offers.

Listening to offers is far from trading a player as it is a part of Don Waddell's job to take in all information and make the executive decision. But it does make you wonder with the unrestricted free agents that need new contracts being important to the club, someone will need to be spared.

Necas would never be dumped for draft choices but more than likely be involved in a classic "hockey trade". A chance for Waddell to grab a more specific skill set to better suit this team in a playoff run. Whether this be more experience or a sniper, the trade would involve surprises that would not be leaked in rumors.

A trade of this magnitude would not be simply rumor mill chatter but be one of the surprising moves of the deadline. For that reason, among others, I do not believe a Necas trade will occur by March 8th, nor should it be.

This is a player with youth and a skill set that any franchise would build around. If it takes sacrificing Teuvo Teravainen this summer to extend Necas, it has to be done. The upside and age alone make it an easy business decision.

How would you feel if Necas was being "shopped" at the deadline?