Necas Will Not & Should Not Be Traded

Detroit Red Wings v Carolina Hurricanes
Detroit Red Wings v Carolina Hurricanes / Jaylynn Nash/GettyImages

When a fan base gets frustrated with the team they love, the finger begins to be pointed in many directions. Management and coaching often are blamed and of course the player(s) on the ice. Martin Necas has fallen victim to this on several occasions amongst Caniacs.

Criticism comes with being an NHL player, coach, or executive. Whether the criticism is fair or not, and it can certainly be fair in many cases, the fans are ultimately the lifeblood of a franchise. The fans purchase tickets, merchandise, etc. This is not the sole source of income for a club but it is one of the main pieces.

Whether it is a poor string of games or being knocked out of the playoffs, Necas has been a target for some fans to be shipped out of Raleigh. No player is perfect and Necas is not immune to that but thinking clearly, this kid can't wear another NHL jersey....ever. He has the skill set to build a franchise around, not trade away.

Recently turning just 25 this month, the former first-round draft choice in 2017 has played just over 300 games in the NHL. The last two seasons were his biggest steps with more ice time and playing the majority of each season. He scored 14 goals and then elevated to 28 goals last season. This season has been slow but he has plenty of games left.

It is easy to forget sometimes just how young these players are and the hurdles they jump to be professional hockey players. Not only has Necas not been fully developed yet in the NHL, he hasn't grown and matured fully. Hell, I am older than him and learn something new every day.

Necas is the type of player that you take the lumps from the youngster and trust that Rod Brind'Amour is a good coach and will teach him the right ways on and off the ice. The kid broke out last season and it was taken for granted. He struggled at times after the hot start but at 24 years young, he still posted 7 points in the playoffs.

When he is missing from the lineup it is noticeable, especially if Andrei Svechnikov is out as well. I do think Necas could use a scratch here and there to take a step back and see the game from a different perspective.

But there is no doubt in my mind that every general manager in the NHL is salivating at the thought of having a player like Necas hit the open market.