Frederik Andersen's Return Is Not Going To Help The Hurricanes

Frederik Andersen was in the starter's crease for a Monday morning skate and social media erupted. This is perhaps the most anticipated Hurricane return from the IR since...last year when Andersen spent a considerable amount of the season injured. I do not want to be "that guy" but I will go head and say it. "You do know this isn't going to last right?"
Seattle Kraken v Carolina Hurricanes
Seattle Kraken v Carolina Hurricanes / Jaylynn Nash/GettyImages

Everyone who has passed middle school science class has taken part in the famous "Egg Drop" lesson in the physical force known as gravity. You know the one. Participants are given an absurd set of materials (usually there are plastic drinking straws involved) and tasked with building something that will withstand being dropped from elevation. Unless your parent designs NASCAR roll cages for a living, you are going to fail this assignment along with 99.9% of us. Having witnessed my share of these, there is the inevitable kid who walks in with something that you know won't withstand an odd look in it's general direction, much less the first drop. That is how I feel when reading Frederik Andersen was in the starter's crease for Monday's morning skate ahead of the Hurricanes facing off against the Chicago Blackhawks.

First of all, we have seen this before. Andersen's return is the most anticipated in the Caniac nation since, well, last year when he missed considerable chunks of the season and played a grand total of 34 regular season games. In the course of 34 game he tacked together a record of 21-11-1 with a 2.48 GAA and a career second worse SV% OF .903. Every Hurricanes fan within a country mile will point to Andersen's performance in the 9 games of the playoffs, which were stellar. He started 9 games, was 5-3 with a .926 SV%. But, last time I checked this is this year and the Carolina Hurricanes are trying to mount a playoff run this year.

Secondly, Frederik Andersen returning to the top goalie spot would be in complete ignorance of the the three guys (Antti Raanta, Pyotr Kochetkov, and Spencer Martin) that knotted together a pretty good string of games for the Carolina Hurricanes in Andersen's prolonged absence. Especially Spencer Martin. Undoubtedly, everyone was completely clear with Martin when he signed with Carolina after, Antti Raanta, and Pyotr Kochetkov both show signs of injury. He knew he was a stopgap move, but frankly he earned his salt and deserves a spot at the table ahead of Andersen. If the Canes do drop him from the roster to make room for Andersen, which will likely happen, it puts a Spencer Martin sized target on their backs. He is just too good to let go, and likely won't be there when the Hurricanes inescapably call back.


Finally, now is the maybe the best time to get rid of Andersen without causing too much damage. You might think this is a buy high, sell low scenario BUT I would argue the opposite. Frederik Andersen is like a fire-engine red sports car on a sunny summer's day. He is irresistible to human and beast alike. With his great feats in the Stanley Cup playoffs of yesteryear, it would be easy for some team to snatch up Andersen in hopes of getting him on the rebound. Not all sport cars are created equal, just ask anyone who has owned an MGB and Freddie Andersen ends up looking like a 1963 Porsche 9-11. Whomever Carolina can rook into taking him off their hands will think they're getting a top of the line roadster, when in realty they're getting a VW Beetle that costs twice as much to fix and runs half as well.

The sports saying "no injury should never cost a player his spot" is a great and noble gesture, but Wally Pipp never played for the New York Yankees after June 2, 1925. While I am glad Frederik Andersen the person is healthy, just like I am glad Wally Pipp beat the cold that kept him out of the lineup, I am also glad the Carolina Hurricanes have three other goalies currently in rotation and winning games.