Canes Stadium Series Week: Look at the History


The week all Caniacs have been waiting for has finally arrived. The Carolina Hurricanes will be hosting the Washington Capitals at Carter-Finley Stadium on Saturday in the Stadium Series.

I am sure this is not breaking news to any Carolina fans, residents, and hockey fans in general.

Since it was announced that Raleigh would be hosting the outdoor game, the markers have the release information like the logos and the uniforms.

The most known “secret” was the Canes Stadium Series jersey as many leaks covered the internet for the last few months before the official announcement.

Now the signs, logos, and advertisements are all up, and oh yeah, the ice on the field.

Before the momentous event is held, the Capitals and the Hurricanes will play a little preview tomorrow but indoors.

Yes, boring I know!

As the anticipation builds toward Saturday, let’s look at the Stadium Series’ history and how the games have turned out.

Sadly, the home team has not faired quite as well as the visiting team. The hosting team has only won 5 out of the 12 matches.

The preceding venues have been very special and have varying weather types.

The very first game was in 2014 when the Los Angeles Kings hosted the Anaheim Ducks at Dodger Stadium. This was the only game to record a shutout victory.

Although the visitors have the advantage on the scoreboard, the home team has outscored the opponent by a score of 35-34, and keep in mind the Kings were shut out in the first Stadium Series.

Whether this proves to help the Canes will remain to be seen. Unfortunately, I am not Nostradamus, or I would be playing the lotto successfully.

The largest attended Stadium Series game was in 2015 at Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara, California. 70,205 fans watched the San Jose Sharks defeat the Los Angeles Kings by a score of 2-1.

Carter-Finley Stadium is listed at a capacity of 56,919 but will surely have more seating options available to crank up that number.

Either way it will be a rocking atmosphere and one to remember.