Carolina Hurricanes: NHL Fan Choice Awards Guide

Andrei Svechnikov, Carolina Hurricanes (Photo by Greg Thompson/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)
Andrei Svechnikov, Carolina Hurricanes (Photo by Greg Thompson/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images) /

The NHL Fan Choice Awards are online and ready for your votes! Here is the guide for the average Carolina Hurricanes fan!

The NHL Fan Choice Awards are here and the Carolina Hurricanes are competing like never before. In fact, outside of the awards that every single team competes in, there are four different awards that a Cane of some sort can eventually win.

So what about the rest? Here is a quick and easy guide to voting as a Caniac for this season’s Fan Choice Awards. Some will be obvious but much of this is opinion based.

GIF of the Year: Gabriel Landeskog photo-bomb dance

The Aves are the Canes best friends for a reason, not only will they also consider bringing back a dead franchise jersey, they know how to have fun as well.

If this video isn’t one of the funniest things that you have seen, I don’t want to know you.

Top Team Video: “As fast as her”

Kendall Coyne is probably one of the most famous female hockey players in the world right now and a champion of women’s hockey. This video by the Blackhawks is incredible and barely does her justice all at the same time.

Hopefully, this will inspire a new generation of female hockey players across the nation and the world and help keep hockey in the global spotlight as the most versatile sport. It really is for everyone.

Best Bromance:  Svech and Dougie

I feel bad for Warren Foegele sometimes, he keeps getting left out of this bromance by the media. He is the third musketeer. He is the Pumba to their Timon and Simba. But for this fan choice award, you are still going to vote for Andrei Svechnikov and Dougie Hamilton.


Best Dressed: Mark Scheifele

This one is simply a matter of personal style. the bold color choice, the lack of tie, the pocket square to finish it off. Mark Scheifele has it going on.

But it won’t bother me if you vote for anyone else.

Best Dog: Lenny (Connor McDavid)

Doggies! Just look at this big floof of fur.


Best Mascot: Stormy

Forget Gritty, the only answer in my book is Stormy.

Truly the king of dancers. Stormy isn’t bad either.

Best Beard: Jordie Benn

Bill Murray is in his picture. Sorry, that’s the first and only thing I saw. Way to hide that Blackhawks T-shirt or sweater Bill. Be can all still see it. As for the less well known Benn brother, I’m still voting for you because that beard is thicker than a bowl of oatmeal.

I was surprised Jumbo Joe Thorton wasn’t a choice. But he did shave it all off during quarantine.

And suddenly he looks like someone else completely. Like, who even is that?

Best Cellys: Carolina Hurricanes


Last year the Carolina Hurricanes took the Fan Choice Award for Best Cellys. Time to do it again folks!

Best Follow: Robin Lehner

Say what you will about his politics, but Robin Lehner is a master level troll.

Now I have that darn Panda song stuck in my head.

Best Team Dog: Finn (San Jose)

Puppies! AGAIN! A double dose of dogs is exactly what the doctor prescribed during this pandemic. Along with all the actual medicines and treatments. Listen to your doctors, folks. My personal favorite is Finn of the San Jose Sharks.

What a cutie! There really is no wrong answer here folks.

Goal of the Year: Andrei Svechnikov

Well, Duh. The first lacrosse goal in the NHL. To tie a 1-0 game that he would go on to singlehandedly win. There really shouldn’t be other options.

Take a seat, McDavid.

Save of the year: Marc-Andre Fleury

Yes, he was out of position. Yes, it was still incredible. And yes, it was a perfect shot into the glove. But this save was special for many reasons. It didn’t just save a goal.

More from Cardiac Cane

No sir, this save led to Mike Babcock getting fired, which led to Mike Commodore going on a rant about Mike being a bad coach, which revealed toxic coaching, which ended up revealing other toxic coaches like former Carolina Hurricanes Head Coach Bill Peters. That led to Peters being fired and an incident from his time as Canes coach being revealed.

That eventually led to Ron Francis being under fire for actions that happened during his tenure as the Canes GM and suddenly every single Caniac was thankful for the fact that neither of these men is in the Carolina Hurricanes system anymore. It all stems back to a single wild save on a crazy night between the Toronto Maple Leafs and the Vegas Golden Knights.

Thanks Marc.

Best Pregame Ritual: Victor Hedman

Watch this and tell me it isn’t mesmerizing:

Jordan Martinook screaming Svechnikov’s face off in the hallway would have been my choice if it was on the list however, but this is a close second.

Best Building: PNC

This may or may not be true. I’m biased, but that new scoreboard is incredible.

It’s HUGE. Bigly.

Fan of the Year: Zac Bell’s Tickshots

I’ve watched this shot so many times and still have no idea how and what he is doing.

Still cool though.

Best Hockey Smile: Erik Johnson

Our best friends are back! Johnson has that toothy smile that only Brent Burns can compete with.

But Burns isn’t here so we have to pick our best social media friends again.

Best TikTok: Dallas Stars

Every look at Anton Khudobin and wonder what he is thinking?

Us too. We miss you Dobby!

Funniest Player: Ryan Reeves

Say what you will about Ryan Reeves, but that man has a future as a broadcaster, once he is done knocking all the bullies out of the league physically.

I’m never not going to laugh at that.

Best Feel-good moment: David Ayres EBUG

There is really only one correct answer to this award no matter what team you are rooting for. Yes, even the Toronto Maple Leafs who gave him a standing ovation after the game.

The best part is how David took his newfound fame and turned it into a force for good almost immediately. He is honestly the best man to ever done a Canes Jersey on the ice.

Best Halloween Costume: Fred Anderson as Ed Sheeran

Don’t tell me you didn’t also do a doubletake and actually think that was Ed Sheeran.

Also, it is quite a shame that our favorite trio of bromancing Hockey players didn’t make the cut. Svech as Freddy Krueger was a savage move. Dougie as Hamilton the pig was adorable. Foegele makes a pretty good Elvis too. Wow, he really is the Ron Weasely of the group huh.

There you have it folks; your guide to the 2020 NHL Fan Choice Awards voting. Now go out there and vote!

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