Carolina Hurricanes: A Whalers vs Nordiques Game May Happen

Hartford Whalers, Carolina Hurricanes (Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images)
Hartford Whalers, Carolina Hurricanes (Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images) /

Forget the Stadium Series game, the biggest game of the season for the Carolina Hurricanes next year just might be a game pulled out of the late 80s.

The NHL is once again taking notes from the Carolina Hurricanes, who seem to be trailblazing their way to being the most relevant team in the league. The latest acquisition from the brilliant minds over in Carolina? Throwback jerseys from lost franchises. That’s right folks, more teams are looking to turn back the clocks and bring back jerseys that no one thought would be seen again.

So who’s coming back?

The first team since the Carolina Hurricanes to mention bringing back an old dead franchise’s Jersey has been the Colorado Avalanche who used to be the Nordiques.

Are the Nordiques back?

While the Avalanche haven’t officially stated anything, the NHL spilled the beans on the possibility of the Quebec Nordiques coming back to life to celebrate their 25th anniversary next season:

This has to be the best idea to come from an NHL franchise since the Carolina Hurricanes revived the whale for a few games in the last two seasons.

Bash from the 80s?

But who would they play against? The Carolina Hurricanes had a quick and easy response to the news that should give people more than a flash of nostalgia:

This is incredible. The Carolina Hurricanes have only worn their Whalers sweaters three times since bringing them back last season. Twice against Boston and once against the Kings. The Boston games made sense. The Whalers and Bruins have been bitter rivals during their short stay in the NHL before relocation. The Kings’ game left a bit to be desired.

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But to take the jersey against another team that has its own dead franchise throwbacks? That would be the cream on the cake and an excellent way to promote both teams. It doesn’t hurt that these two teams are pretty much besties on social media. It also doesn’t hurt that the two dead franchises have had a rivalry that has always managed to get heated and violent.

That history, that rivalry makes this concept of a matchup one that would absolutely take the league by storm and perhaps push other teams to take the leap and wearing old jerseys of teams long gone.

It doesn’t have to be historically relevant like the Nordiques and Whalers either.

Imagine the fun that can be had with the Calgary Flame donning Atlanta Flame Jerseys to take on the Winnipeg Jets donning Atlanta Thrashers Jerseys. Make it a preseason game and let Atlanta host it. See if there is any spark of the fandoms of those teams left. Maybe make a few new NHL fans while you are at it.

So what do the Avalanche think about a Whalers matchup? While they haven’t responded in any official capacity they ensured to take on the Canes in their next NHL20 matchup:

Not so subtle Colorado. See you next season, or should we say, we won’t see you and instead we will see Quebec.

Question for CC Readers: Should the Carolina Hurricanes take their Whalers Jerseys to Colorado and back?

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