Carolina Hurricanes: Full Marty Party Recap


This past Friday, The Marty Party with Jordan Martinook at The Oak finally happened. It was, indeed, greater than I ever could’ve expected.

This past Friday was the culmination of my slightly inebriated tweet from back in July. The party at The Oak with Jordan Martinook finally happened, and it was honestly better than I ever could’ve expected it to be.

Now I’ve written an article before on how this whole thing came together, but here’s part of the Twitter thread for those that haven’t seen it:

Before the party at The Oak, I got to meet Marty at a private Storm Brew tasting event at R&D Brewing which I detailed in a previous article. But long story short, it was a total blast getting to meet my favorite hockey player by surprise, and I cant wait to have another glass of Storm Brew.

Now on to the party at The Oak.

When I got there, the place was packed to the brim with Caniacs already; I was honestly taken aback by how many people showed up. I honestly didn’t expect that many people to be there. Not that I’m complaining or anything; the more the merrier. It was also great to see so many Carolina Hurricanes fans in one place just enjoying life.

While myself and my some of my new and old friends are sitting outside sipping on our beers, we see the man we are all there for walking up: Jordan Martinook.

I can not stress this enough, he is one of the nicest people you will ever meet. He took his time talking to every single person there and took pictures and signed whatever they wanted. A true class act and a great person for the Carolina Hurricanes to have on their roster and in the community. He also took the time to shake my hand later on in the night when we were talking about how the whole thing came together.

Later on as the night progressed, a surprise guest showed up. The man, the myth, the legend: MINTER! As he was walking up, we all sang him “Happy Birthday”. And, akin to Marty, Minter is a class act. He, too, stopped to take pictures and talk to everyone.

Eventually, the time came for Marty and Minter to leave, but that didn’t stop the fun, laughs, and (quite possibly) a few more shots. Topics of conversation ranged from hockey, the Carolina Hurricanes (obviously), life, the Area 51 raid, and just about everything in between; this in particular made the night a truly special one.

It was great to spend time with people like The Kilted Caniac, Amanda from the Redvolution Rampage podcast, the Bradshaws, Dancing Hurricane Batman, and my fellow Cardiac Cane contributor Zac Hynus,as well as my two friends that went with me to the R&D Brewing event. There were so many others I loved meeting and talking to all night.

Thank you to Jordan Martinook, Minter, The Oak, and everyone that came out to the Marty Party.

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Question for CC readers: Did you attend the party this past weekend?