The Hurricanes Need to Look in Mirror

Buffalo Sabres v Carolina Hurricanes
Buffalo Sabres v Carolina Hurricanes / Jaylynn Nash/GettyImages

Losing five games out of six, the Carolina Hurricanes are not a happy group right now. Of course, streaks will come and go but the goal is to stay away from an extending losing streak. This was the very reason that the players felt it was necessary for a player's only meeting.

The frustrations of head coach, Rod Brind'Amour have been evident and rightly so. Ultimately the players are the ones on the ice and making the decisions and plays that determine the outcome of the game.

It was extremely necessary for the players to take this chance to look themselves in the face. A string of bad performances will never fall on just one player, even a goalie. This team has built success in team hockey with contributions down the lineup.

This group is full of character, grit, and veterans who have been through a lot in their respective careers. Surprisingly, this team seems to have bought into the hype of the off-season and possibly thought they could coast through a regular season and only wake up in the spring for the playoffs.

The team was strong last season as they had been the years prior, winning the Metro Division. Last year seemed like the chance for everything to come to fruition. The youth was proving themselves and the veterans were doing the right things to win hockey games.

Unfortunately, the Canes ran into a hot team in the Eastern Conference Finals and were down a big piece in Andrei Svechnikov. Either way, the team went into last summer with a lot to be excited about.

Now you add Dmitry Orlov and Michael Bunting while retaining key unrestricted free agents and this team couldn't be stopped. The problem is this team was another year older and for the system to work, everyone needs to buy in. Brind'Amour has eluded in the past that buying in has been an issue early on.

A succesful head coach calling out his team and a players only meeting will take out some excuses moving forward. The team needs to respond immediately. Some players are feeling too comfortable and may need to take a seat.

A player like Tony DeAngelo may have a chance to get back into the lineup and make a spark. A player of his skillset is not here to watch the team lose. Unfortunately his presence could be a distraction to everyone if he stays a healthy scratch. This should have been considered by Don Waddell before adding him to an already crowded defensive group with talent.

The Canes will need to start off like a hungry team tomorrow or else management's hands may be forced to make moves.