What Is Different About Seth Jarvis This Year?

In 38 games, Jarvis has already surpassed the halfway mark towards his NHL career best 40 points as he stands at 27. With his next goal, he will reach his second-best goal scoring total with 14. But what, if anything, has changed for Jarvis.
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After Saturday's 3-2 win over the Toronto Maple Leafs, Jarvis mentioned that he had a bit more puck luck thus far in the season. On several occasions, he has mentioned this in so many words for why he was not as productive last year. With his goal against the Leafs and one against the Nashville back on December 27th, it would be easy to point towards luck.

Perhaps, though, his stats this year are proof positive that Jarvis has calmed his game down and is playing with more control than he has in three seasons with the Hurricanes. Tuesday's line changes pairing him with seasoned Jordan Martinook, and Jordan Staal is bound to help in that department.

But Jarvis's game is statistically different this year when compared to years past. Look no further than his SOG totals from year to year. In 2021-21, he had 110. Last season, Jarvis put 187 shots on NHL goalies. This year, he has just 87. That is 6 shots short of half his total from last year. No one needs reminding that the 2023-24 season is nearing the halfway point with the Hurricane's playing their 39th game of the year Friday against the Washington Capitals in DC.

Another thought might be that Seth Jarvis has not been getting the ice time he has in the past. In turn Jarvis playing less time is causing him to take fewer shots? Actually, that is not the case. He has averaged a career high 18:54 in 38 games. That is up from last year's 16:12 and the year before he averaged 13:52. So, Jarvis is actually playing more time, with fewer, more accurate shots.

Seth Jarvis, Leon Draisaitl
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Carolina has certainly benefited from Seth Jarvis playing better. He is increasing where he needs to (ice time, special teams productions, S%, and point production) and decreasing the number of errant shots making him a much different asset for the Hurricanes. In both his first and second seasons, it was much easier to look at Jarvis's almost puppy dog energy as his only real contribution to the Hurricanes. With the coming of a much more physical and smarter Seth Jarvis, the Canes are going to have the added benefit of a solid hockey player.