Rizz I Want In My Hockey Jersey Collection

Did I use those words right? I think I did. Here are a few choice items we've seen so far this season that I want in my jersey collection.
1992 Geoff Sanderson
1992 Geoff Sanderson / Steve Crandall/GettyImages

I am now an official jersey wearing member of the Caniac nation. My first, you never forget your first, is a Svechnikov home black. My favorite of the regular Hurricanes set ups. The Most Junior Hurricanes Reporter has a black home blank, and a custom one as well. He also got a Brent Burns #88 Sharks for Christmas because we found it dirt cheap (with the tags) online. Now we're both combing the web for jerseys we want in our respective closest, if money weren't an object.


Numero Uno on my list is the 1992-97 Hartford home blue. New to this season it is not, but I want one so bad I can taste it. My affinity for all things Whalers runs deep. Whatever reason the Hurricanes haven't brought this one back for a Whalers night is not a good enough reason for me. This needs to be done ASAP. Dropping more than just a hint here!!!!

Randy Cunneyworth
Steve Crandall/GettyImages

I would be remiss for not mentioning the Fayetteville Marksmen and this year's monochrome sweater. Usually, I am not a fan of white, but I can make exceptions for this one. The shoulder lines sinch it up for me and the logo gets chef's kisses. *Side note: Check out the Cape Fear Catfish sweaters! They too are magnificent!

Two college sweaters make it on the list. First up is UNC's Hurricanes inspired sweater. Dark blue with the Carolina blue against it is on fleek. And while they got beat by NC State at this year's Carolina Classic, and usually underdog doesn't go with Carolina often, I have to say I was at least passively cheering for the Tar Heels as underdogs against the Icepack. I'm not one to go with the flow, but even the most diehard State fan has to say this sweater is drip......am I using these terms right?

Not to be outdone are the boys from Boone. Appalachian State played not one, but two outdoor games this year (I'm still waiting for some swag as reparations for the April Fools joke) against Kutztown University and UNC-C. Yosef is one of my favorite logos and throwing it on a hockey jersey is gonna make me want it even more. I am a hillbilly after all and the love something that is steeped in vintage is strong

Bumping back up into the pro ranks, I low key love the AHL All-Star jerseys. All four of them. Throw a dart blindfolded, and you'd hit a winner. Not that it was hard, but they be the NHL jerseys by a country mile. They are simple, and classy. The San Jose color scheme does something for me and always has. I wouldn't kick these outta bed for eating crackers.

What hockey jersey nut would skip the Black Excellence Specialty Jersey from the Carolina Hurricanes. We are Canes fans after all. This jersey was designed by North Carolina artist Mike Jones who came up with the concept from the poem "The Rose That Grew From Concrete", a poem by Tupac Shakur. Brain warping is all I can say.

Last but certainly not least, by popular demand from the the Most Junior Hurricanes Reporter, our good buddy Hamilton The Pig's jersey. Apparently, this only comes out once or twice a year, and given the result of the last game it was worn at, it might not for a while. It features our pal and the pigtail on the back got a great big chuckle from the MJHR. He loves Hamilton and anything to do with him so this had to make the list. if this could be made in a child's medium we'd appreciate it.

I would not hesitate for a minute to add every single one of these jerseys to my closet, if I didn't have to do things like pay rent, keep the power going and well......eat. And it they would be in steady rotation for wearing to work, dress code be shunned. In stead, the MJHR and I will be left cruising the web, looking with wonton eyes at all the face melting threads out there in hockey land.