Kids Canes: The MJHR Hits The Road And Takes In A Chicago Wolves Game

Over the Christmas Holiday, the "Most Junior Hurricanes Reporter" hit the road, or the skies as it were, and took in a Chicago Wolves game while visiting family

Jonathan Daniel/GettyImages

What a fun filled evening the "Most Junior Hurricanes Reporter" had over Christmas break at the Chicago Wolves game against the Milwaukee Admirals. He was visiting his family there, and as part of his Christmas present to them, decided to take everyone out to his favorite AHL team!

The night could not have started out any better as we walked right in the doors and RIGHT TO SKATES! What a great way to come into a game! Skates is the mascot, and a close second only to our buddy Stormy The Ice Hog. Of course we got a howl, pictures, a fist bump, and a hug! Nothing could have made it better.......

Except....WE GOT A WARM UP PUCK!!!!! Because out seats were so close, the MJHR decided he wanted to get down on the ice early and see the team in their warm-ups. Right away we found our good buddy Antti Raanta and gave him a wave. Of course we were decked out in our Hurricanes jerseys we go for our birthday. The puck game on a deflection and was actaully caught be a nice gentleman next to us, but he so nice gave it to the MJHR. WHAT A NICE GUY! He said they caught them all the time, and he was happy to see a little Christmas magic

Next up was the lights and fireworks show! My goodness. It was so exciting. They really put on a cool show. And fireworks inside? At a hockey game no less?!?!?! WOWWEWOW! How could forget Skates too, making his entrance with fireworks shooting out of his hands!

After all that excitement, the game got underway. The Wolves kept it close but trailed most of the night. Despite a quick nap on the way over, our junior man on the beat got a little tired in the middle of the third period, before the the WOlves made a come back to tie and force overtime. Antti Raanta played awesome and kept the Wolves in the game the whole time. He had some great saves. That is for sure.

Even though the Wolves lost in overtime, it was still a great time and we loved every minute of it. From meeting our buddy Skates, to the fireworks, right on through to seeing Antti Raanta up close in warms ups, it was so much fun!