It's A Canes Christmas: Jams To Trim The Tree To, And Watch Some Hockey Too

Some Christmas Tunes Matched Up With Your Favorite Hurricane
Some Christmas Tunes Matched Up With Your Favorite Hurricane / Jaylynn Nash/GettyImages

My family isn't huge on Christmas music, but we all have our favorites that get played around the holidays. We are huge Caniacs, and we have a favorite Hurricane. Why not pair these up and see what happens?

Seth Jarvis- Merry Christmas From The Family by Robert Earl Keen.
REK has been a favorite since high school. This song seems like just what Christmas would be like at the Jarvis house if Jarvy had his crew over to celebrate. And the video even features some great 'staches. With the year Jarvis is having, I can only imagine there might be a few extra scratch-offs in everyone's stockings.

Andrei Svechnikov- Backdoor Santa by Clarence Carter.
Come on. The ladies, and more than a few guys, love Svech. You and I both know if there is one Carolina Hurricane most likely to cause a split, it's Andrei Svechnikov.
I bought the first Clarence Carter record I ever got my hands on at a record store in DC because it had this song on it. Still cracks me up when I play it.

Brent Burns- Blue Christmas by Seymour Swine
Since my birthday is in December, it has been a tradition that this song gets played at least once. As a kid, my dad would call the radio station and have them play it about the time my clock ready would go off to wake me up.
No one on the Carolina Hurricanes that knows more about way of shooting them...than Brent Burns. It seems like a natural fit to me.

Teuvo Teräväinen- Not Another Christmas Song by Blink 182
What do you get for the guy who has "just a hat that fits my head" and is eternally none plussed? Not another Christmas song, for sure.
If there is a better fit for Turbo, I am all ears!

Sebastian Aho- Step Into Christmas by Elton John
This just seems to fit like a hot pink feather boa, tight go-go pants, and some yellow sunglasses. Who else can flash better than Aho?

Pyotr Kochetkov- I Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday by Wizzard.
It wouldn't a Carolina Hurricanes list without PK, and it we can't pass up this gem of a video. As a kid, I wished everyday could be Christmas. As Canes fan, I wish Kochetkov could start every game. Poke checks here, poke checks there, poke checks everywhere!

Stormy The Ice Hog- Christmas in Hollis by Run D.M.C
Stormy knows. Get that Ice Hog some shell toes! That's all you have to say.

What Christmas jam matches up with your favorite Carolina Hurricane? Make a comment, and let us know what you think.