Forgive And Forget A Player For Wanting Out Like Gauthier?

Philadelphia Flyers v Carolina Hurricanes
Philadelphia Flyers v Carolina Hurricanes / Jaylynn Nash/GettyImages

The hot news around the NHL is Cutter Gauthier pushing his way out of Philadelphia after taking 5th overall just two years ago at the NHL Draft. The Flyers got two good assets back in a trade with Anaheim but the organization was very vocal about Gauthier not wanting to be in Philadelphia.

If the same situation were to present itself for the Carolina Hurricanes organization, how would it be dealt with? How would the fans react?

Philadelphia is a city and fan base well known for ruthless acts against former players. Hell, even the current Philadelphia players get a lot of heat. The "boo birds" come out often in Philadelphia and Gauthier can certainly expect a harsh return to the city of brotherly love.

In Raleigh, the Caniacs are passionate but understanding to a degree. I do think that a player that outwardly forced his way out of Carolina would be an enemy for a while but at such a young age for the player, the Canes faithful would forgive in due time.

I also think the Hurricanes organization would have handled the backlash differently and more professionally. It is understandable for the Flyers brass to feel the need to explain such a move but it felt like an ex spilling the guts after a breakup. NHL organizations always say too little, so why feel the need to go on a campaign to throw the kid under the bus?

Rod Brind'Amour and Don Waddell would have taken care of this situation behind closed doors. I do believe that the two would have been more welcoming to the player to have an honest discussion, unlike the ghosting done by Gauthier to the Flyers.

Another important thought and question for you Caniacs is what team or city would you refuse to play for so badly that you force yourself out of the situation?

Would the rivalry against Metro Division teams be the answer? Or maybe past foes that have caused past pain like the Florida Panthers last season.

As many of you know, I have grown up an Islanders fan on Long Island and because of that, the Rangers would be a team I could not see myself playing for at all. I am sure many in Carolina can relate. To think of the blue and red on my body is nauseating.

Anyone agree of have another team??