Big Wins From UNC-W, WFU, HPU And UNC Highlight Week Three


Week three was spearheaded with big wins for UNC-Wilmington and UNC. The Seahawks made a program-sized statement in their win over Rochester Institute of Technology, and the Tar Heels tamed the Ice Cats of UK. But the Seahawks and Tar Heels were not the only teams with big wins on during week three of the college hockey season here in North Carolina. Wake Forest, and High Point University jumped in the mix with statement wins.

Big Wins
Big Wins /

UNC-W’s weekend started out with another big time win over the AAU Men’s Division III National Champions Hawks of St John’s University. The Seahawks took the Hawks for 5 in just 8 minutes in the first period.

Chris Lawson

scored his second goal of the night to make it 6-0 in the second.

Nick D’Andrea

, Kyle Siggins and

Cory Levy

all scored in the second period before the bloodletting got too much. 15-2 over a National Championship team is a great way to start any road trip.

The Seahawks did not fare as well in their first meeting with the Tigers. Chris McGrath put UNCW on the board in the second period, and was joined by Logan Culbreth in the third with UNCW’s only scoring.

Bouncing back from the 3-2 loss on Friday, the Seahawks jumped on the Tigers early (literally as the game started at 7 am on Saturday) with a 1-0 lead at the end of the first with a Jess Dai goal. Chris Lawson brought the score to 2 all with three minutes left in the third, and Nick D’Andrea tacked on the winner.

UNC-W will face Virginia Tech in Wilmington on the 29th.

The Tar Heels of UNC also joined the Big Wins Club this weekend with a 4-2 win over the University of Kentucky Wildcats. In the Heels home opener in Hillsborough, Henry Foster put UNC on the board with a cat’s whisker left in the first. Thomas Gillian knocked in one in the second. After the Cats got on the board David Mehan made it 3-1. Patrick O’Shaughnessy put the final nail in the Cats’ coffin with his 5 goal in two games for the Tar Heels.

UNC faces off against ECU on the 30th in Hillsborough at 6:15.

After though losses to Virginia Tech (7-4) and Penn State (3-1) the Panthers of High Point University joined the Big Wins crew with a 6-4 on their second game in Harrisburg. Scoring for the Panthers came from Joe DiMartino, Morgan Bird, Jonathan English, Sean Kelley, and Logan Kennedy. JR Slayton score the 6th goal, and scoring in now his season long goal streak for HPU.

HPU’s D2 team goes up against Duke on the 29th, while their D3 team ramps up against Elon on the 30th.

Last but not least in the Big Win Bunch for week three were the Demon Deacons of Wake Forrest University. The Deac stomped Elon 10-7. Wake will face off against Duke in Hillsborough next.

Here is the complete ECU v UNC-Charlotte game for those of you who are craving live hockey!

Back to back goals for the Philip Bailey were not enough to get the NC State Icepack to the Big Wins Table in week three as NCSU lost a tough one to the visiting Kentucky Wildcats. The Icepack tallied. NC State takes off to face the Nitty Lions of Penn State on the 29th and 30th.

Big wins were big time news in North Carolina College Hockey during week three. You can check out our NC HOCKEY STREAMING GUIDE for details on how to catch your favorite NC Hockey team. As always we will keep you up to date on the goings on across the states.

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