The Better Sweaters Of The Game

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When it comes to sports fandom around hockey, many things are debated: the best trades, the best players, the best plays, and so on. One highly contested topic is sweaters. Which team has the best look on the ice? The best logos? Lucky for us Caniacs, we are up there on that topic list.

When it comes to the color scheme, few color combos go better than black and red, noted in both of the Hurricanes prominent logos: the eye and the hurricane warning on the flag. The intricate details also add a level of flare, such as the outline of the state in the hurricane warning flag logo.

Sure there are some contenders in best sweaters with the Caps flying eagle (it felt gross typing that), the Coyotes Kachina jerseys, and the Av’s C jersey just to name a few. The Hurricanes just have such a great selection its hart to top. Last year was especially nice wearing a record 6 different jerseys. Lets talk about them.

Few teams have better throwbacks than that of Carolina on Whalers night. One of the best logos all time with an abnormal blue and green color scheme. Hurricanes fans everywhere seem to always have some kind of Whalers gear to go with their red and black wardrobe.

I am not the biggest fan of the Carolina Hurricanes away and reverse retro sweaters. I know, blasphemy, but it feels like too much of a copy and unoriginal. The Hurricanes 25th anniversary home jerseys with the nice silver touches and the eye logo in the center are just so pleasant. And yet they have better ones to wear at home.

Their former alternates which changed to their primary home jerseys, the black with the hurricane warning flags, are just plain cool. There is a sense of pride wearing that logo around with the North Carolina outline between the flags. This logo shows that the great state of North Carolina is part of the Hurricanes DNA, and that isn’t going to change any time soon.

Last year was a special year, years in the making. Getting to (finally) host the stadium series game that was taken from us two years prior was incredible. There seemingly was not a Canes fan missing from that record attendance. Those jerseys were as flashy as they were classy. The slanted sleeve numbers, the neon-esqu look of the eye, it all came together for one of the best jerseys last year. So nice they decided to wear them twice!

That rounds out the six jerseys worn by the Hurricanes last year and they are all incredible. However,  fans wouldn’t have minded a seventh. The Raleigh Ice Caps would have been a neat touch as well. Finally with the Hurricanes wearing them for warmups last season they referenced the Ice Caps for the first time in eons. Adding that to a night in addition to the Whalers night this season would be appreciated by fans around here I am sure. Let’s make that happen!