Chicago Wolves Need Jack Drury

What is good for Jack Drury is good for the Carolina Hurricanes. What is good for Jack Drury is good for the Chicago Wolves, if not better. What is good for the Chicago Wolves is good for the Carolina Hurricanes.

If you are already lost, I can break it down simply for you. Jack Drury is good for both the Chicago Wolves and the Carolina Hurricanes. His time in the AHL will assist Chicago’s abysmal offense plus give Drury time to improve.

It is logical to say Chicago has been struggling. Sitting 6th in the Central Division with 24 points, and 15th in the Western Conference, the Wolves are not the team of last year. And what can be expected with the best players from last year’s team, including Jalen Chatfield, Stefan Noesen, and of course Pyotr Kochetkov in Raleigh with the Hurricanes instead hitting the ice in the Windy City.

Jack Drury has also been with the Hurricanes more this season than Chicago, having played only 9 AHL games with the Wolves. Where call-up have left the Wolves without much in the way of good defense, the loss of Jack Drury has hurt Chicago most.

Chicago is especially missing Drury on the offensive side of the ice. For perspective, during last year’s Calder Cup winning season Drury had 29 goals of Chicago’s 261, 9 of which came in the playoffs. That means Jack Drury alone, accounted for 8% of Chicago’s regular season goal total and 12% of the play-off total. But, Drury has not had the opportunity to play, much less impact the Carolina roster like he did in Chicago.

Since coming to the Canes, Drury has seen less than 10 minutes of ice time in 11 games. In only one game has Drury played more than 15 minutes. Over the 21 games with the Hurricanes, he has spread out two assists and 32 shots on goal.

The Carolina Hurricanes obviously have not needed Jack Drury to the extent the Chicago Wolves do, making the decision to send Jack Drury to Chicago that much easier. Judging by Drury’s game on December 30th against the Rockford IceHogs, that was the right move. With an assist in the 4-3 overtime loss, Drury already has as many points as his last four games in Carolina  the Canes, dating back to December 17th.

And Chicago is improving! Since December 17th, the Wolves are 4-2-2.

Drury added to his point streak with yet another point on December 31st making that four points in four games with the Wolves since November 4th.

But how is Jack Drury helping the Carolina Hurricanes if he is playing in the AHL?

The more time Jack Drury spends on the ice, the better he will be for Carolina in the future. Scratching here in Raleigh helps no one, especially compared to actually playing in Chicago. Personal stats, and experience will help Drury more when it comes time to answer the call for the Canes. And that time will come either has a spot starter in the short term, or if there is a full time starter in the future.

Jack Drury is going to pay off for the Carolina Hurricanes in Chicago or in Raleigh. His time with the Wolves has not been plagued with energy sapping scratches, and only invigorated both the team and Drury himself.

When it comes time, the Hurricanes will be able to use the game seasoned Center as a spot starter on the 3rd line, a potential 2 line full time starter, or even as a value trade chip in a deal to beef up the roster in the future.