Carolina Hurricanes Storm Surge: Cynics and Don Cherry


Don Cherry hates the Storm Surge. Apparently, lots of Carolina Hurricanes social media hate the Storm Surge.  Cynics are a dime a dozen, and I had to Google Don Cherry.

The very first Storm Surge took place on October 7, 2019 with the celebratory board crash heard ’round the world….or at least all the way to Canada. From that first simple celebration, surges grew from the Skol Viking clap and board crash, to playing Duck Hunt, the limbo, and sparring with Evander Holyfield.

Never one to have his opinion ignored, Don Cherry chugged an extra gallon of Haterade before bashing the Canes with the now much embraced moniker “Bunch Of Jerks” in February of ’19. The last of the original (“Ancient”) grouping took place in March 2019.

Did Cherry influence the ending of such of fun tradition? Who knows?

I have never cared too much for Don Cherry since. Judging by his suits, he has to have all the attention on him.

Then, as if on que, the storm surge returned just when Carolina Hurricanes fans needed it the most. “Modern” storm surges started back with the first game with fans back in March of 2021. In a celebration of front line workers the Hurricanes crashed the boards after a 5-2 win over the Detroit Red Wings.

Since, the Canes have celebrated every win with at least the Skol Viking claps.  Some nights it’s just the claps and a board crash.

Fans that stuck around after the Canes win over the Seattle Kraken on Star Wars night were treated to a light sabre battle.

Dust has recently been kicked on Hurricanes social media. Some say these “modern” storm surges have gone bland and almost too routine. And maybe they have for the most cynical.

I am certain somewhere in Canada Don Cherry is sitting in an ominous looking chair laughing at the crumbling of a dynamic bit of hockey tradition.

Cynics, and Don Cherry aside, the storm surge is a great rallying piece for many in the Carolina Hurricanes fan base.

Seasoned fans stick around just to see what happens, and plenty of new fans get that extra bit of amperage sending them to the car with juice enough to make it home.

If you don’t believe me, take a look at the cell phones out and recording after the next Canes win.

Winning just a single game in the NHL is hard. Just ask the Chicago Blackhawks or Florida Panthers. So why not celebrate?

Skip the storm surge. You, all the cynical Carolina Hurricanes fans, and Don Cherry can get to your cars that much quicker.

As for me and mine, we’ll stick around, clap, and crash the board with the Canes.

Who cares what time we get home after a Carolina Hurricane win?