Carolina Hurricanes: Keys to Returning to Form Against Nashville

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The Carolina Hurricanes host the Nashville Predators tonight for a two-game miniseries at home. The Canes head into tonight’s contest having lost their last two games against Detroit; Nashville, on the other hand, is on a bit of a hot streak, having lost only 1 game of their last 6.

As of right now, there are 15 games left on the Carolina Hurricanes’ schedule and 26 days left in which to play them.

Four of those are against the Nashville Predators, two are against the Tampa Bay Lightning, two are against the Florida Panthers, two are against the Dallas Stars, three are against the Chicago Blackhawks, and the Canes still play both the Detroit Red Wings and the Columbus Blue Jackets once more each.

This means that there are still 30 points in the standings left on the table, and the teams the Canes are consistently good against are running out.

Having dropped more games than they should’ve against Detroit, the Canes will definitely be looking to put Nashville back in their place tonight, especially since Nashville is the only team left in the Discover Central Division that has yet to beat them this season.

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