Carolina Hurricanes Extend Qualifying Offers to Fleury, Fogele, Six Others.

The Carolina Hurricanes have put in their qualifying offers under the deadline.

The Carolina Hurricanes have extended qualifying offers to eight total restricted free agents including Defenseman Haydn Fleury and Forward Warren Foegele.

The other six players are Clark Bishop,  Steven Lorentz, Spencer Smallman, Gustav Forsling, Oliwer Kaski, and Roland McKeown. None of these are really a surprise. However, this means that forward Jacob Pritchard, and goalie Callum Booth, who did not receive qualifying offers will become free agents come Friday, Oct. 9, the beginning of free agency.

While Haydn Fleury and Warren Foegele will absolutely get new contracts with the Carolina Hurricanes moving forward. What those will look like is up in the air and it depends on how long of a contract they would look to sign. With the cap still not going anywhere thanks to the pandemic, expect short term bridge deals for these two starters.

As for the rest of the lineup, only McKeown, Bishop, and Forsling have played any NHL minutes. They will get two-way deals to be depth on offense and defense for the big league team. The other three will also see two-way deals and plenty of minutes with the Chicago Wolves but might get longer deals as they continue to develop.

Alternatively, any of these six players can be added on to any of the possible trades made by the Carolina Hurricanes this summer. They are all solid players that can bring depth and value to any organization and can help bring in any of the needs that Carolina has from goaltending to additional offensive support as a pot sweetener.

That said, we will have to wait to see if and who the Carolina Hurricanes can add in free agency starting this Friday before we can jump down the rabbit hole of trades just yet. Plenty of interesting players available and Carolina just might have the cap space to fit a few of them into the roster. Offensively there is room to add and defensively there is room to improve.

They also have to consider that both Andrei Svechnikov and Dougie Hamilton will be Free Agents after next season. They will have to manage their money and cap at mathematical wizardry levels to avoid finding themselves unable to pay one or worse, both of these star players.

Don Waddell has been excellent at managing this lineup so far since becoming the General Manager. Expect this team to continue to make the right moves as they try to contend for the Stanley Cup Playoffs year after year.

Question for CC Readers: What type of contract should the Carolina Hurricanes offer Haydn Fleury or Warren Foegele?