Carolina Hurricanes: Thank you for everything John Forslund

The Carolina Hurricanes and John Forsland will be parting after nearly 30 years.

To this point, the Carolina Hurricanes have not been able to find an agreement with the long-time voice of the team and it might be goodbye.

To anyone that watched a Canes game before the season was stopped, you’ll know exactly who I’m talking about. John Forslund to many will need no introduction. To some, this name may not be a big deal. However, any long time follower of the Carolina Hurricanes knows the importance of John Forslund. He’s the iconic voice of the Canes, and with all due respect to Mike Maniscalco, John is one of a kind.

To those that understand the importance of John Forslund, not only was he the final remaining link to the days of the Whalers, but he’s been the voice of this franchise since long into the days of the Whalers. When he joined this franchise in 1991, he’d start a career that will continue to prosper. Now 30 years later, he’s recognized as a great commentator and a great person.

His iconic “That’s hockey baby” and “Hey, hey Whaddya say” are two calls that will live infamously in Carolina Hurricanes’ history. With all the great moments the Canes have had in their existence John Forslund has called them all. If you look at game 7 against Washington, the shock at the rock, the miracle finish, it’s all Forslund calling the came for the Hurricanes.

I was very fortunate that when I was a very young boy, I got to sit in the room with Forslund and Tripp Tracey for a period when the Canes played the Oilers a long time ago in a game that ended with a 7-1 Carolina win. I cannot speak highly enough of the Massachusetts native. It was truly a pleasure to meet him and not only are the Canes losing a great voice but a great person.

This may not seem like a lot, but I hope a lot of you agree with me when I express who disheartening it was to see him treated in the manner that he was after all the history he has with this Hockey Club. I’m not saying there’s an obligation to keep him, but it would only be right to thank him for his services after nearly 30 years, he’s going to be looking for a new home.

As someone that grew up listening to John Forslund calling games, listening to him talk about some of the greats in the history of the Hurricanes, I know a lot of you did too.

A whole generation of Canes and Whalers fans grew up with the sound of John Forslund. He is nothing short of an icon in terms of the Carolina Hurricanes. An outstanding professional and everyone knows he will have no issue finding a new job.

To John Forslund, if this miraculously finds it’s way to you, thank you. Carolina has been home to a relatively mediocre hockey team for the past 10-ish years minus the Eastern Conference final run last season. Without ever complaining about commenting on a rather underperforming team, or expressing a desire to be somewhere else, carrying out that job wasn’t easy.

You are intertwined with Carolina Hurricanes’ history forever. Many people will attempt to fill the big shoes you leave behind, but it will always be a daunting task. On behalf of all Caniacs around the world, thank you for everything and we wish you nothing but the best of luck wherever you wind up. You are one of a kind person and a one of a kind commentator.

With all this said about Forslund and how great he has been, it is time to look forward. A new era is looming with Mike Maniscalco, who is capable of doing a great job. However, it’s not easy to fill the role of a legend and that is the task he is faced with.

As I have done wishing John Forslund the best, I can only do the same for Mike Maniscalco and hope he continues to progress as a great commentator because he’s a great person.

And so the era of John Forslund concludes. He is moving on, Carolina hockey will no longer have the living legend. We have watched the last game with John, Tripp, and Mike with us as always.

As someone that remembers when it was just John and Tripp, it’s come a long way. I’ve never been able to imagine Carolina games not called by Forslund for a prolonged period, but now we’re gonna find out.

Thank you for everything, John Forslund.