Carolina Hurricanes: Andrei Svechnikov Will be Ready for Next Season

The Carolina Hurricanes Superstar Svechnikov won’t miss another game.

The Carolina Hurricanes have reported that young superstar Andrei Svechnikov, who was hurt during the Bruins series, will be ready to start next season.

The season may be over, but we do have some good news to share. Something that will hopefully brighten your day and prepare you mentally for this gruesome offseason that is ahead of us.

That news is that Andrei Svechnikov, who was injured at the end of game three against the Boston Bruins when defender and known tall man Zdeno Chara collapsed down on the young Russian star and forced him out of the game, will not be forced to miss any time when the next season starts up, whenever that may be.

In fact, we have it on good word from General Manager Don Waddell that young mister Svechnikov will be ready to go:

100% chance. That is coming directly from the General Manager. There isn’t much in the way of room for interpretation there. However, the biggest takeaway from this report is the last three words; High ankle sprain. From what we saw on the ice, that is possibly the best result possible.

This isn’t much of news however, there were previous rumors that the injury was superficial in nature and that had the Carolina Hurricanes managed to improve past the Boston Bruins and the following series, there was a chance for Andrei to return. High ankle sprains take about a month or so to fully recover from, which is a far cry from what the injury could have been.

I have personally suffered a high ankle sprain after getting my foot bent in a similar manner under me in a parachuting accident. I did not have anywhere near the conditioning that Andrei Svechnikov, or any professional athlete for that matter, has and managed to make a recovery to include physical therapy within a few months.

For our star athlete, his recovery will be faster than mine thanks to the facilities and professionals available to him through the Carolina Hurricanes, not to mention the conditioning and training. So when Don Waddell mentions that he will be ready for the next season, I believe him.

In a year so full of the grim and painful, it is good to get some good news about the health of those we admire and look up to. For Andrei Svechnikov, it will be good to see him on his two feet without the need for a boot soon enough. Don’t be surprised if you see him start skating again starting next month or so.

Questions for CC Readers: How do you feel about Andrei’s return from injury?

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