Carolina Hurricanes Pay Rod’s Fine While Chirping the League

Head coach Rod Brind'Amour of the Carolina Hurricanes handles bench duties  (Photo by Elsa/Getty Images)
Head coach Rod Brind'Amour of the Carolina Hurricanes handles bench duties  (Photo by Elsa/Getty Images) /

The Carolina Hurricanes paid off Rod Brind’amour’s fine in style.

The NHL fined Carolina Hurricanes Head Coach Rod Brind’amour $25,000 for his remarks about the officiating in yesterday’s game. The team paid his fine in incredible style.

Unless you live under a rock it is hard to miss the fact that the second goal of the night for the Boston Bruins in yesterdays morning game was a controversial one which led Rod Brind’amour to give more than his two cents about the officiating calling the league “a joke” and the whole incident a “crime scene”.

Well, those two cents cost Rod Brind’amout a lot more as the league issued him a $25 thousand dollar fine for his comments. But this is the Carolina Hurricanes and this team stands by and defends their own. In a single tweet this morning, the team took to social media to display the payment to the National Hockey League of the fine, with a little extra.

The “check” (this isn’t the real check and probably just the invoice, but valid nonetheless) was signed by majority owner Tom Dundon and includes a cornucopia of excellent little jabs and easter eggs.

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The easiest to point out is the little extra sprinkle of $17 onto the cost of the fine. Those seventeen dollars are naturally for the number 17 that Brind’amour wore in his career with the Carolina Hurricanes, the number retired and currently hanging at PNC Arena, and are a clever little “keep the change, you filthy animal” type of petty addition to the payment.

The second little intriguing note is the little memo added to the check that says “Fast pay makes fast friends” and signed BF. BF, of course, is Ben Franklin who used the saying in his now 250-year-old book. This tongue-in-cheek quote is one way to keep the Benjamins on the forefront of the payment while perhaps trying to make nice with the league by issuing a quick payment.

Either way, this check is just another masterclass of the social media program developed by the Carolina Hurricanes, who are now trending faster than any other team in the league. One can only imagine what they have in store next.

Rod is currently on probation with a possible secondary fine for any other comments the league deems unfavorable. When asked about the fine and the outburst yesterday he had a single comment: “Moving on”.

Rod has no time to dwell in the past, he has a game to win tonight.

Question for CC Readers: What should the league spend with the extra $17 dollars?

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