Carolina Hurricanes: Redemption and Bad Blood Await vs Boston

The Carolina Hurricanes Take on the Bruins in the First Round

The Carolina Hurricanes are set to face the Boston Bruins in what will undoubtedly be a grueling and physical matchup. For these young Hurricanes, the opportunity could mean more than just playoff advancement; it could mean a changing of the guard.

In sports, there are symbols synonymous with success. There are teams who have infused their own logo with an undeniable history. History of organizational achievement. A history of dominance. A history of winning.

When one thinks of playoff Hockey, of the Stanley Cup, the Boston “B” is a logo that should not be far from their mind. A logo infused with success. Almost 100 years of it. An organization with almost 30 Division championships. An organization that boasts exceptionally talented and successful teams; with generations of fans of those winning teams

The Carolina Hurricanes have some of the best young players this league has to offer; and they have their own history to boast. In Boston, however, facing a dominant Bruins team, facing the history in that logo; there could be more at stake than just playoff advancement.

Redemption is waiting for the Hurricanes.

A place at the table of some of Hockeyʼs best teams is waiting for the Hurricanes.

The spoils of Climbing a mountain theyʼve yet to ascend, what that would mean for these young players; thatʼs waiting for these Hurricanes.

We all remember the last time the Canes and the Bruins faced off in the playoffs. The Hurricanes were one of hockeyʼs greatest stories. They had been dominant since the new year. The season was looking like it could be the year they truly arrived. It was a grueling playoff year that had the young and inexperienced Hurricanes against the ropes; perhaps before the puck was ever dropped

Boston saw a tired, young, and inexperienced hockey team and they pounced. Justin Williams lost control, the defense seemed a step too slow, and Tuuka Rask became seemingly insurmountable. The challenge was too great. The blazingly fast youth in Carolina was fatigued, and the Bruins took advantage of all the blood they could smell in the water.

A lot has changed since then. Both of these teams look different. The world feels like a new place. The game itself stood in wait for the season to resume; players rested, the best one stayed ready.

Carolina Hurricanes fans have put their faith in these players, and their head coach, Rod Brind’Amour; perhaps one of hockey history’s greatest conditioned athletes, to keep these players prepared for the upcoming grind. For the Hurricanes, this is their chance. This is their moment; this series and everyone theyʼll face these playoffs.

There is bad blood in Boston. There is history here. This is a team that should hate looking at that B. A team that should be as fed up with going home early as all of us are.

This should be a team thatʼs ready. Sebastian Aho and Andrei Svechnikov are two of Hockeyʼs most talented young stars. Itʼs their time now. Itʼs their series.

Redemption can come to Carolina but it wonʼt come easy. Itʼll take every hit, every battle for possession, every inch they take on the ice; itʼll take the best this teams got.

The New York series proved the Hurricanes are a force to be reckoned with; everyone in the hockey world can see the talent. This is the beginning of their playoff journey. This is their chance to topple the Boston Bruins.

Itʼs time for the Hurricanes to keep writing their own history; to build their legacy. And it starts tonight. It starts with slaying the giant that stood in their way last season.

The Hurricanes topped the Washington Capitals last year; the defending champs. They slew that monster. Itʼs time to do it again.

Itʼs your time Hurricanes. Take it.

And to the rest of the NHL; Take Warning.

Question for CC Readers: Who will be the x-factor for the Hurricanes this playoff series?