Carolina Hurricanes: Social Distancing in the NHL

The Carolina Hurricanes need to remain healthy

The Carolina Hurricanes are back in action in only nine days. The NHL has done a great job of making this possible amid COVID-19.

First and foremost the Carolina Hurricanes seem to be handling the COVID-19 quarantine well. All of the players stuck in out in one place and many of them overseas (probably for the best). Once phase three started ever single Cane was back at camp meaning that there were no positive cases on the team.

In a few days, the Canes will all get on a plane and make their way up to Toronto, where they will be hopefully through October.

As we all sit and wait with great anticipation for the playoffs, we all still reside mainly in quarantine. So why do our guys get to leave? Where are the going? Will they be safe? How is this possible? Well, I’m glad you asked, so let’s talk it out.

The NHL Return to Play Plan

In mid-June, the NHLPA and NHL put together a phased plan to return and finish the season. This is a 5 phase plan that is currently operating in phase 3.

Essentially phases one and two were quarantine whereas phase 2 allowed for more workouts with social distancing of course. What I’m sure was not socially distanced well as Marty’s wonderful but loud personality. The boys were all ready to be back that was for sure.

Phase 3 started training camp on the 13th of July. The only player missing was Necas on day 1, but he showed up full pads and skating day 2. This was a scare of possible COVID exposure but alas, the Canes remain healthy.

Phase 4 is when the teams will travel to their hub cities, and phase 5 is full-on game mode starting with your truly on August 1st.

The Hub Cities

This idea of the two hub cities, one for each conference is the best way to go about this. At first, the NHL and NHLPA considered several locations that could have had one conference in America and one in Canada.

Now I doubt that COVID will be gone by October so what happens when the east and the west meet in one country or the other? Two weeks of quarantine followed by a mini training camp before the Stanley Cup? That seems like a logistics nightmare so it makes the most sense that both hubs are in the same country, and not in America where the COVID cases are much higher.

Now take this compared to the MLB that is just playing at their respective stadium just no fans. By having two hub cities where the players all stay in the same hotel, there is a much lower risk of infection, keeping the hockey players safer.

Staying Classy

Always remember to

1. Wear your mask

2.  Socially distance yourself from people that don’t think there is a rivalry.

There ya go, folks! Simply put!

Question for CC Readers: If you had to be quarantined with one player who would it be?