Carolina Hurricanes: Rod Brind’Amour Shunned from Hall of Fame Again

Rod Brind'Amour of the Carolina Hurricanes. (Photo by Grant Halverson/Getty Images)
Rod Brind'Amour of the Carolina Hurricanes. (Photo by Grant Halverson/Getty Images) /

Carolina Hurricanes Legend Rod Brind’amour did not make the 2020 HOF Cut

The Hockey Hall of Fame has once again decided to skip over Carolina Hurricanes legendary captain and now head coach Rod Brind’amour.

Oops, they did it again. They skipped over Rod. For the eighth year in a row. You can stop singing along now because this is almost as bad as Britney Spears’ music career. How did the Hall of fame mess it up again?

Before you jump the rails and say that the Hall actively has an agenda against the Carolina Hurricanes that may or may not involve the Templar Knights and bones of the Hartford Whalers lets take a look at who did make the Hockey Hall of Fame class of 2020:

Ken Holland more than deserves to be in the Hall as a builder. Probably one of the best GMs in Hockey History. Kim St. Pierre is a three-time Olympic gold medallist and five-time IIHF world champion, so no argument from me here other than the fact that the HHOF might want to expand to induct more than one woman per year.

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When it comes to the players Jarome Iginla and Marian Hossa being first-ballot entries into the HHOF was a no brainer. Doug Wilson and Kevin Lowe are both easily some of the best defenders on the list, and I can understand inducting one or the other, but are they BOTH better than Rod Brind’Amour?

Sure Kevin Lowe has the Cups, but let’s be honest, he happened to be on an Oilers team with both Wayne Gretzky and Mark Messier, that team was bound for greatness year after year. His career-high in goals is TEN. I understand that as a defender, there are many nonmaterial attributes that you can bring to the table, but Rod was known for being exactly as a two time Selke winner.

Doug Wilson, on the other hand, has never won the cup and the only thing that he stands over Rod with is the fact that he was a three-time all-star game player. Sure Wilson earned himself the Norris, but Rod still has the Cup and a pair of Selkes to boot.

Rod Brind’amour has Games, Goals, Assists, and points on the two defenders and his level of play can be compared to the two first-ballot inductees this year.

So why on earth was he not included in this year’s Hockey Hall of Fame? Have we not suffered enough 2020? Murder Hornets and Pandemic not enough? Perhaps the Hall will come to their senses next season and finally bring Rod Brind’amour to his place in the hall where he belongs. Until then they should live in shame to what they did to this man, yet again.

Question for CC Readers: Who should Rod Brind’amour have replaced in this class?

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