Carolina Hurricanes: Kevyn Adams is the New GM for the Buffalo Sabres

Kevyn Adams #14 of the Carolina Hurricanes (Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images)
Kevyn Adams #14 of the Carolina Hurricanes (Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images) /

Former Carolina Hurricane Kevyn Adams has a new job with the Buffalo Sabres

The Buffalo Sabres are a complete mess and it is up to a former Carolina Hurricane Stanley Cup Champion to put them back together again.

Not very often that we really care about someone in the Buffalo Sabres administration, but when the team dismissed Jason Botterill of his duties as General Manager (only a few months after throwing full support behind him) they turned to a former Carolina Hurricanes favorite.

That’s right, Kevyn Adams, former Carolina Hurricane and 2006 Stanley Cup champion has been named the next General Manager of the Buffalo Sabres. Adams was serving as the Senior VP of business Administration for the Sabres when he was appointed.

Sabres fans should be very familiar with Adams for two very distinct reasons. The first reason, which should be the most memorable reason for Sabres fans is the fact that he served as an assistant coach with the Sabres from August 2011 to May 2013.

The second reason is a bit more painful. Kevyn Adams was part of the Carolina Hurricanes roster that beat the Sabres in the Eastern Conference finals in 2006 in a back and forth series that went to seven games.

A note that the Carolina Hurricanes were more than certain to have rubbed in to the Sabres in their congratulatory post on Twitter:

Spicy tweets aside, we are really happy for Kevyn Adams. This appointment was absolutely out of the blue and has many NHL analysts scratching their head and wondering what it was that the Pegulas saw in him to give him such an important role.

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Adams has quite the task ahead of him too. The Sabres have now missed the playoffs for nine straight seasons, even during this insane pandemic plan that has 24 teams making the cut, and the fan-base is looking for answers.

Can he rebuilt this team and do it quickly before the Sabres hold the shameful record of longest playoff drought in league history (the record at ten seasons is shared by Edmonton and Florida)? Can he successfully rebuild around Jack Eichel or will Jack chose to get traded away from the team? Will he retain coach Ralph Krueger or will Buffalo be hiring their 20th coach of all time next season?

These are all questions that we will have to wait to get answers for.

For now all we can do is be proud and happy for Kevyn Adams and wish him the best of luck in his career. Just not at the expense of the Carolina Hurricanes.

Question for CC Readers: Do you think that Kevyn Adams can turn the Sabres around?

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