Carolina Hurricanes: David Ayres Nabs Best Feel-Good Moment

Dave Ayres, Carolina Hurricanes (Photo by Grant Halverson/Getty Images)
Dave Ayres, Carolina Hurricanes (Photo by Grant Halverson/Getty Images) /

Carolina Hurricanes Legend David Ayres wins Best Feel-Good Moment of 2020

After securing a legendary win for the Carolina Hurricanes against his own team, Toronto as the EBUG, its no surprise that David Ayres is the Best Feel Good Moment of the season.

David Ayres just keeps the accolades coming in. Not only was he the oldest goaltender to have an NHL debut (and a “young guns” trading card), the only EBUG in NHL history to earn a win, and the biggest hockey name in the city of Toronto, but now, he is the Best Feel-Good Moment of 2020.

And how could he not be?

With about half an NHL game left to play he was called in to defend a two goal lead against a team whose minor league affiliate employs him. A team that he practices with. A team whose colors adorn his helmet, pants, and pad. He gave up two goals sure, but held on to allow the Carolina Hurricanes to tack on a few more and earn him the win.

That made him a living legend, not only in Carolina, but in the sports world as a whole:

He went on the the late night show with Stephen Colbert, a self proclaimed Carolina Hurricanes fan. He did the media tour the likes no hockey player has ever done, let alone one that has only played half a game. He has his own Wikipedia page and more than a handful of YouTube videos that are dedicated to his legend.

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On top of all that, he has only used his legend and his fame to do good for the hockey community and the community in general. Most, if not all of the revenues that have come from T-shirts sold by the Carolina Hurricanes with his name have gone to a kidney foundation. This has been something that has been near and dear to Ayres since his mom donated a kidney to save his life.

Fast forward to today and now David Ayres and his epic win against the Toronto Maple Leafs is the top feel-good moment of the season as voted by the fans in the NHL Fan Choice Awards. His competition never stood a chance.

And how could they? This is a living legend of the sport that will never be forgotten.

Congratulations to David Ayres on the win. It was more than well deserved.

Question for CC Readers: What was your favorite part of the David Ayres Win?

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