Carolina Hurricanes: Why Isn’t Rod Brind’Amour in the Hall of Fame Yet?

Rod Brind'Amour of the Carolina Hurricanes (Photo by Harry How/Getty Images for NHL)
Rod Brind'Amour of the Carolina Hurricanes (Photo by Harry How/Getty Images for NHL) /

Carolina Hurricanes Head Coach Rod Brind’Amour Belongs in the HOF

With so much under his belt, including back to back playoff seasons in his first two seasons as a Head Coach, why isn’t Rod Brind’Amour in the Hall of Fame?

This conversation isn’t new. We have yelled this from the rooftops for about a decade now.

And just when you thought that Rod Brind’Amour had nothing more to give to the sport of hockey, he goes off and does another amazing thing coaching the Carolina Hurricanes not only to an Eastern Conference Finals, something the team hasn’t done in exactly ten years but now has taken them on back to back playoff runs, something they haven’t done since 2001!

Now granted, with the roster that he has to work with now, taking the team to the playoffs twice isn’t exactly HOF material as a coach, but considering the fact that he inherited a team that was mismanaged to the point that it was heading for the playoff drought record, this isn’t very far off.

We won’t take credit away from leadership in the organization from guys like Don Waddell and Tom Dundon, but Rod deserves most of it.

All of this is after an incredible 20-year career playing the sport where he managed to win the Stanley Cup in 2006 and secure himself not one but two Selke Trophies as the best defensive forward in the league. And he did it in back to back years.

Yet every time the Hall of Fame nominations come around, Rod Brind’amour seems to never make the list. It’s a real disaster honestly. Not as big as that tie he is wearing in those pictures, but close enough.

His former teammates (and now players) will be the first to tell you that Rod not only deserves a place on the nomination but a place in the hall.

Justin Williams is correct. Rod was only 16 regular season games shy of playing 1500 games but still managed to rack up 452 goals and 1184 points in his career. That not only makes him the best center in Carolina Hurricanes history but also a better player than many already in the Hall of Fame.

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Had he won another Cup, perhaps the story could have been different, but winning Cups is a team effort, not an individual one. Rod managed to excel at both. So when will his number be finally called?

The answer could be closer than we think. While in his eighth year of eligibility for the Hall of Fame, Rod is still at the top of the lists of those who have yet to be honored in the Hall. The annual meeting of the Selection Committee will be held on June 24th, in nine days, to select and announce the Hockey Hall of Fame Class of 2020.

So 2020, if you can finally take a turn away from pandemics and murder hornets and do something good for the people, this is it.

Select Rod Brind’Amour to the Hockey Hall of Fame.

Question For CC Readers: Do you think that Rod will make it into the Hall this year?

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