Carolina Hurricanes are Delaying Phase Two For Team

NHL Arena (Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images)
NHL Arena (Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images) /

The Carolina Hurricanes are delaying phase two for the team

The Carolina Hurricanes have agreed as a team to delay the transition into phase two to allow players to train on their own before being subjected to the new rules.

Phase two was supposed to start yesterday and for many teams, that has resulted in many players finally returning to the ice. Pictures of players in gear have surfaced in places like Edmonton which has Caniacs wondering when our players will finally flash their red practice jerseys on the ice.

The answer to that question is complex. Since the practices in team facilities are optional, there is no mandate for players to engage in them. The Carolina Hurricanes have discussed things over and decided that they will delay the team’s transition into this phase and continue to train on their own.

Now with only so many players back in town and phase three a moving target that cannot begin any earlier than July 10th, there is still time for the team to utilize the second phase. Until then, players have the open option to train where they are. For some in Europe and Canada, that could be local rinks that have opened for them or even at home.

That would also allow for more family time for those with children and other players who might want to hold back going into a quarantined zone. This might be better for everyone moving forward and do not worry, they are not the only team that is holding back. Many teams are either waiting for the ice to be re-installed in their local rinks or also agreeing to hold off a little.

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The extra time would also help the teams better comply with the 21-page memo that states the new regulations and rules that surround the second phase. The memo is very strict with guidelines on each and every accept of the practices, which are, to be clear, very optional.

But it seems that many teams are holding back.

Another way this can help the Carolina Hurricanes is by allowing them the time to get the new Wake Competition Center opened. While it seemed that the facility could have been ready by this week, it actually has an open date around the first of July. Raleigh Center Ice, the original practice facility for the team, is being prepared to accommodate the team until then.

All in all, there is more good than bad in the decision to delay the team’s entrance into phase two. When they do get back to it, expect there to be no real comprehensive analysis on the players until phase three, or training camp actually gets underway in July or later. Every date is still a moving target moving forward.

Question For CC Readers: Do you agree with the idea of delaying the start of phase two?

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