Carolina Hurricanes 2020 Draft Profiles: Seth Jarvis

Seth Jarvis  (Photo by Marissa Baecker/Getty Images)
Seth Jarvis  (Photo by Marissa Baecker/Getty Images) /

There are a lot of great players up for grabs in the upcoming NHL entry draft. One player the Carolina Hurricanes could be drafting is Seth Jarvis.

We still have no real idea when, how, and if the 2019-2020 season will return. Should they just cancel the whole thing and move on? Will they jump into a 24 team playoff format? How will this all reflect on the draft order coming up? Right now, the Carolina Hurricanes will draft 19th overall with Toronto’s pick, but that can all change depending on how things pan out.

But for right now, let’s assume that the Canes are getting the 19th pick. Who could they draft? Two years ago they got the 2nd overall and took the already legendary Andrei Svechnikov. Last year they picked up his former OHL teammate in Ryan Suzuki. Don Waddell wants to keep his batting average nice and high. That means making another excellent draft pick this year.

To mess that up in a draft this loaded will be hard to do. But just who are these kids? There are so many good players coming up in the draft. For today, let’s start with Winnepeg native and Portland Winterhawks winger Seth Jarvis.

At 18 years of age already, Jarvis is only a few years away from being NHL ready. Scouting has him going anywhere from 11th overall to 31st. And if this highlight video is any indication of how he might far in the NHL, the Carolina Hurricanes absolutely have him on their radar:

Before the COVID outbreak that shut down sports completely, Jarvis was in his third season with the Winterhawks. In the 58 games he has played this season, he was an absolute powerhouse forward with the ability to take the puck straight to the net and simply assault it like it owed him money.

In those 58 games, he has 42 goals and 56 assists. No, that is not a typo. Jarvis is a point a game player on assists alone basically and has another 40 points to boot on goals. That has given him the triple crown among his teammates leading the Winterhawks in goals, assists, and points.

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What makes this all the more impressive is just how young this Winterhawks team is. Many of his teammates are still only 16 years old. He has been not only a leader on and off the ice but the kind of player that makes everyone around him much much better.

Comparisons to his play have been made to guys like Brayden Point or Mat Barzal for his ability to use his elite speed to his advantage and to the advantage of his teammates.

His hands should be registered as lethal weapons for the amount of skill they have. While not the most powerful shot in the draft, Jarvis just might have the most deadly accurate one. He has been beating goalies from extremely tight angles that most NHLers struggle to get a shot on goal at all.

Now you are probably wondering how a kid like that might still be available at number 19 or worse. Truth is, this draft is just that deep. He could easily be available by then. If he is, the Carolina Hurricanes should make the smart move and pick him up.

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