Carolina Hurricanes: New Practice Facility Progress Unaffected

Carolina Hurricanes  (Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images)
Carolina Hurricanes  (Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images) /

The Carolina Hurricanes’ new practice facility is avoiding any delays from the COVID-19 pandemic as it begins to shape rapidly.

While the Coronavirus pandemic spreads and puts almost everything on halt, there is one aspect of the Carolina Hurricanes and its future that is chugging along without any delay. The new Wake Competition Center is nearing completion avoiding any issues that have stemmed from the pandemic and will be ready by the summer.

The new crown jewel of Carolina Hockey will be a massive multi-sport complex that will now feature two rinks and play host to the Carolina Hurricanes as its practice facility for both on and off ice training.

Since the announcement in December, the groundwork on the new facility has been coming together pretty quickly. Its already come a long way with most of the construction already done. Take a look:

Having this practice facility sooner rather than later can be a big deal for the Carolina Hurricanes and even the entirety of the NHL.

I mentioned a few weeks back that the Carolina Hurricanes and the City of Raleigh could be in the bid to host the whole Metro Division to complete the 19-20 season and even begin the playoffs. The biggest holding Raleigh back other than the virus and its implications was the lack of enough practice ice for eight NHL teams to practice on.

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There is Raleigh Center Ice, PNC Arena, Raleigh Ice Plex, and the Cary Ice House in the triangle. Between all four, there are five rinks. Truly only RCI and PNC are good enough for NHL ice. Adding two more in the Wake Competitive Center will go a very long way towards ensuring that there is enough ice for the Metro Division and that play can return to our TV sets.

With a summer completion date on the horizon, perhaps it will be ready in time. The Wake Competitive Center was supposed to host all Hurricanes practices and even a few youth hockey leagues. Who knew that when it first opened it would possibly play host to a quarter of the entire National Hockey League?

Either way, it will be good to have new ice in Raleigh and show the hockey world that hockey lives and breaths in the south.

Question for CC Readers: How excited are you for the new Wake Competitive Center to open?

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