Carolina Hurricanes: The career of Tim Gleason

During his time with the Carolina Hurricanes, Tim Gleason proved to be a very popular figure. Not a big name, but always good in tough situations.

Tim Gleason would do many things during his time in Carolina. Renowned for throwing the body, being an absolute pest, and playing the best saucer pass from his knees in Carolina Hurricanes history, Gleason really did do it all. He wan an alternate captain, and a leader. He went through it all during his tenure in Carolina.

During 9 years with Carolina (during 2 different stints) Gleason appeared in 546 games for the Hurricanes. In this time he amounted 14 goals and 93 assists for 107 points in the regular season, Not world-beating, but solid numbers from a defender who made his name being a nasty guy to play against.

I think of one game in particular to summarise Gleason’s time in Carolina. I would like to go back to 2013 and the game at TD Garden against the Bruins. Gleason managed to draw three different 10-minute misconducts on top of countless other penalties and calls. He played the game of a pest and consistently got under the skin of the opponents.

Gleason also proved himself to have a fine passing ability when he needed to use it.

Although he only mustered 93 assists in the regular season for Carolina, one just has to re-watch the Shock at the Rock highlights to see why Gleason was so good with his hands. To play a perfect saucer pass from your knees after diving to keep the puck in the attacking zone? That is the mark of a man who will give anything to help his team win.

Gleason was also known for throwing the body, dropping the gloves, and using his fists to basically attempt to end a guy’s career. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so instead have a video to describe it, because it sums up Tim Gleason better than I could ever dream of doing:

Gleason to this day is beloved by teammates, coaches, and fans across the Carolina fanbase. A physical defenseman who never took anything extra without giving his own two cents. Gleason would always come to the aid of teammates, either physical or with a game-saving play. He would run through a wall for his teammates.

A well-deserved fan favorite, a great player in his role for this franchise.

While Gleason may never get his number immortalized, he will certainly never be forgotten by Carolina Hurricanes fans across the world. He was one of a select few to provide a glimmer of hope in the Hurricanes’ darkest age. Never the most talented, always the hardest working, the only true way to sum up Tim Gleason.

Question for Cardiac Cane readers: What is your favorite moment from Gleason’s career?
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