Carolina Hurricanes: COVID-19 is Closer Than You Think

NHL Arena (Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images)
NHL Arena (Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images) /

COVID-19 has ravaged the world. But are any Carolina Hurricanes players at risk? What about the rest of the NHL? Have there been any positive cases?

First off, this is not an April fools article. We aren’t doing one this year. I racked my brains thinking of a great Carolina Hurricanes themed April Fools article to write about and I came with a single conclusion; with the way the world is today, and the fact that we are living through a dark historic moment in time, it was best to keep the pranks and lies for another time, a happier one.

For now, let’s focus on the issue at hand, COVID-19. If you haven’t figured out by now its a real threat. One that has hit all corners of the world. Over 200 nations have at least a single confirmed case, and there are now about 200 thousand cases right here in the United States.

The first confirmed cases in sports came from the NBA, which shares facilities, locker rooms, and even hotel space with the NHL. Legendary broadcaster John Forslund had used a room recently vacated by Utah Jazz player Rudy Gobert, who had tested positive for the virus.

Since then, John has Quarantined himself from the rest of the world for two weeks and thankfully has not shown any indications.

But as testing kits become more and more available and testing starts to become more prevalent, many teams are discovering that their players are starting to turn up positive with the virus.

The other two players are on the same team, Carolina Hurricanes best friend, the Colorado Avalanche. All seven players have not been named yet.

Many people can carry the virus and not show symptoms for two weeks or longer and can infect others. That much we know is true. We have no idea just how widespread this illness is. I am not a medical professional but I can relay what they are asking of us. That includes washing your hands and staying away from others by at least six feet if you absolutely have to go outside.

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The Carolina Hurricanes have yet to implement full testing on their staff and players, with many of them already been allowed to go home. Players like Joel Edmundson have returned to Canada, while others like Alex Nedeljkovic have retreated to their home states such as Michigan to try and wait out the pandemic.

But considering that the Carolina Hurricanes were in Detroit a single day after the Utah Jazz had played there, chances are they virus hitched a ride with them.

Now hopefully, the team practiced good hygiene and washed their hands, their clothes, and disinfected all of their equipment before moving on to New Jersey in hopes of completing their road trip.

We won’t know who does or doesn’t have the virus until the pandemic is over and we can return to some semblance of normal. But we are weeks away from that so stay safe and stay healthy. Wash your hands, be clean, be hygienic, use disinfectant when you need to…


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