Carolina Hurricanes: Outsider’s View of 2021 Stadium Series

The Carolina Hurricanes were awarded an outdoor game thanks to the resurgence of the team and the fanbase. What impact did the announcement have on a fan that is not from the area?

I have never done an article being so personal about how something means to me. The Carolina Hurricanes mean so much to me and I just wanted to share what exactly this news meant to me and see if we could draw some similarities on how we took the news. Hope you enjoy.

The news of the Carolina Hurricanes getting a Stadium Series game made me stop what I was doing. I had to switch the channel just to see the announcement on national television, despite that it was leaked several hours before. It is a game I definitely want to attend.

I only have one problem, which is that I don’t live in North Carolina. It made me think of what my Hurricanes fandom has been like in my lifetime.

I’ve always been questioned about being a fan of the Hurricanes. I became a fan because of Rod Brind’Amour as most of my fandoms have become driven based off players I liked. Something about rooting for the Hurricanes as an outsider in my area grew my love for them stronger. I always get questions of why I am wearing a Hurricanes shirt or something of that nature. And I always love explaining what made me become a fan and how passionate I am.

With that being said, I have only visited Raleigh, North Carolina once in my life. I have only been to PNC Arena once where I witnessed a 4-2 win against the Washington Capitals on December 31, 2015.

I had a great time for many reasons, one we beat the Capitals and two I was finally able to be in person with a bunch of Caniacs. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to be back sense, but I hope my next time there is for the Stadium Series.

After years of ridicule based on attendance and that the Hurricanes should relocate to a “better” market, the Caniacs have yet another shot to show the world why they are the best fans. I want to be apart of it. I know they already showed just how passionate they are in the playoffs last season, but this gives the fans yet another opportunity to show the world. I would love to be apart of it.

I feel like this is a special moment for Caniacs everywhere. Just wanted to share my thoughts with you all and I hope that I can be there at Carter-Finley cheering on the Carolina Hurricanes with the Caniacs. The news has just made me reflect on what it means for me to be a Hurricanes fan. It’s been really tough at times, but I will always be proud to be a Caniac.

I know that this article isn’t about David Ayres, but honestly how could I leave him out. That moment was insane and I can’t put it into words just how memorable of a moment this was. Every single Caniac will never forget where they were when the legend David Ayres got his first career NHL win for the Carolina Hurricanes.

Question for CC Readers: How did the announcement of the Stadium Series coming to Raleigh make you feel?

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