Carolina Hurricanes: Joel Edmundson, a Nice Surprise

Joel Edmundson has been a pleasant surprise for the Carolina Hurricanes this season. How has the defenseman fared so far this season?

Joel Edmundson in the last three games has collected every point he has earned this season for the Carolina Hurricanes. With two goals and three assists, Edmundson has finally found some luck on the offensive end. What may have been the cause to this recent offensive outburst?

It was revealed after the game that Edmundson had made a change in his equipment. The change was from a CCM stick to a Bauer stick. He mentioned that it was the lightest stick he ever used. Does the change in equipment deserve the credit?

The answer is no, although it is something that once he switches his stick he finally gets rewarded on the offensive end.

But Edmundson has been playing well in the offensive end for the better part of the season. Now he is getting rewarded for it. And for someone the Hurricanes acquired to be predominantly a physical presence and a defensive defenseman, he has proved his worth on offense.

Edmundson has already proved his worth in playing a physical brand of hockey. He and Josh Manson of the Anaheim Ducks got into a fight after Manson injured Erik Haula on a hit. Especially in a game where the Hurricanes were struggling, they used Edmundson sticking up for his teammate as fuel. The Hurricanes still lost that game, but their play was much improved after the fight.

He also is tied for third on the Hurricanes in hits with 24. Edmundson is a player that knows how to use his big frame to his advantage. He is tied for first on the defense with Dougie Hamilton. Edmundson knows how to finish hits and that is key to not taking a penalty.

He is a spark that the Carolina Hurricanes have needed on the defensive end. One thing defensively that has stuck out is his shot blocking ability. He currently leads the Hurricanes with 29 blocked shots. Edmundson isn’t afraid to put his body on the line to help his goalies. Fearlessness on defense helps improve your game overall.

Don Waddell has yet again seemed to have found something via a trade. Edmundson has been very important to the Hurricanes this season. In comparison to Justin Faulk, who he was traded for, he has one less point in one less game. Edmundson has two more goals than Faulk. The Hurricanes seem to be getting the better end of this deal so far. Joel Edmundson has been playing very well for the Carolina Hurricanes this season and it is finally paying off for him.

Question for CC Readers: What has your opinion been on Joel Edmundson this season?

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