How The Return of Mike Maniscalco Energized the Carolina Hurricanes to Win

The Carolina Hurricanes are back! The Canes get back in to the winners circle with good luck charm and dear friend, Mike Maniscalco’s return.

The Carolina Hurricanes got that much needed win last night, and it could not have come at a better time. Everyone was having fun, Haydn Fleury surpassed Cam Ward in all time NHL goals and Joel Edmondson scored his first goal and earned his first and second assists as a Cane last night.

Out of all of the positive energy that came from PNC Arena last night, the most impactful part of the night was the return of broadcaster and first star interviewer extraordinaire Mike Maniscalco.

As Canes fans we were all saddened to hear that our good friend, and Carolina Hurricanes personality, Mike Maniscalco had to leave the Canes west coast trip early for health reasons.Our thoughts and prayers have been with this positive contribution of the team to heal up and be back soon. And last night, our hearts rejoiced with excitement to see our dear friend back in action.

This video was posted only hours before the game and you can see how excited everyone was to see Maniscalco return. The smiles on the faces, the genuine care in Brind’Amour’s eyes, it was a special moment. You can tell that everyone cares about him and this goes to show how the Carolina Hurricanes organization truly cares about everyone, top to bottom.

If you recall the goal that Dougie Hamilton had back at San Jose, when asked about it, said they were trying to get the job done for Mike. While that game did not go quite as expected or hoped, the boys sure lit it up for us, and Maniscalco, last night.

Weather it was the inspiration of Maniscalco’s toughness and commitment to the team, or Brind’Amour put the boys through one of his rigorous workouts yesterday, the boys got the job done last night.

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With these eight goals the true Carolina Hurricanes showed up last night and a night to remember. There were seven different goal scorers, eleven players with assists, and two players with their first points as a Cane. Last night was needed for everyone in Raleigh, everyone helped out on the ice. It’s time for a new streak for the Canes, this time a positive one.

On the ice wasn’t the only fun had at PNC Arena last night either. Fans and media rejoiced seeing Maniscalco back as well. And everyone inside the rink got to witness a smack down in the Canes favor. This was much needed to not only to put like in to the skaters but also the fans. The attendance is improving tremendously, especially for weeknight games, which helps the players perform.

So Carolina Hurricanes fans, take a deep breath. We are back, Mike is back, all’s right with the world. We go back on the road for a few games with new, much needed inspiration. The world is bright in Raleigh again!

Question for CC readers: What is your favorite Maniscalco interview of all time?

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