Carolina Hurricanes Mock Trades: Andrej Sekera


I had an idea.  With the Carolina Hurricanes in dire straits at this point of the season and the trade deadline creeping closer, I thought it would be interesting to create some mock trade proposals for a few of our players.  These proposals will originate from both credible rumors and my opinion on how our team would benefit.  I would hope that this would spark some discussion among our fellow hockey fans about what Ron Francis may do in the time between now and March 2nd.

And hey, I get to play armchair GM for little while.  So, here we go with the first edition on none other than defenseman Andrej Sekera.

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The 28 year-old, 6’0” 201lb. Czech was drafted 71st overall in 2004 by the Buffalo Sabres.  Traded to the Hurricanes following the 2012-2013 season, Sekera has amassed 56 points (12 G, 44 A) over 104 games played with the Canes.  His career year during the 2013-2014 season has solidified him as a first-pair defenseman with the Hurricanes and earned him a share of the assistant captainship in Jordan Staal’s absence.

As this season has progressed, Sekera’s name has consistently been involved in trade rumors and most can confidently say that he will finish the season in another uniform.  Whether this happens soon after the holiday trade freeze ends or at the trade dealine March 2nd, Andrej Sekera will most likely be traded to a contender for pick(s) and/or prospect(s).  Here are a few possibilities.

Proposal #1:

Proposal #2:

Proposal #3:

The first proposal would be a great fit for the Canes.  I am aware that the Canes supposedly want a first round pick and a prospect in return for Sekera (for a rebuild), but in this case we would get a NHL-ready winger in Jordan Eberle back from the Oilers.  Given his scoring ability and how he would fit with our team, I would love to see this trade.  Sekera has some good value and the Oilers need defenseman, but it might take an extra pick to get the Oilers to bite.  They are also rebuilding somewhat.

The second proposal was tough.  The Habs have some good prospects in their system and they are heavy favorites to make it out of the East this year so they could be very willing to add Sekera for a Stanley Cup run.  Nathan Beaulieu is a highly-rated defensive prospect who could immediately fill Sekera’s vacated spot in the roster.  Given our defensive struggles this year, I would have no problem with this.  Adding the first round pick could be a sticking point for the Canadiens depending on how they value Beaulieu and Sekera.  I added the 5th round pick to make it seem a little more realistic from a value point of view.  The Habs could replace Beaulieu with another prospect or the Canes could add another player to the deal.  This one would be up in the air.

My final mock trade for Andrej Sekera would help the Canes in the future.  The Blue Jackets aren’t necessarily a contender at the moment, but shoring up their defense might just do the trick.  Their prospect pool isn’t amazing, but if the right pieces were combined, the Canes could bite.  Marko Dano is currently under the Blue Jackets’ control, but it playing in Europe.  He was a first round pick, so he does have skill and value the Canes could covet.  Mike Reilly was a fourth round pick and has risen up in the Blue Jackets’ system.  He doesn’t have amazing size, but he is a solid defenseman that could make a difference at the NHL level.  Once again, who the Jackets would give up is completely dependent upon what value they place on a “rental player” in Sekera.

There are a slew of other trades that could happen, with more players added and some taken away.  I see Sekera going to a contender sooner rather than later with a prospect or two and a pick coming to Carolina.  I am looking forward to what happens!

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