Icing on the Cake: Bobby Goepfert


I started writing birthday tributes for players in the Hurricanes’ organization exactly one year ago today. It all started with seven-days of Jeff Skinner celebrations (7 Days to Skinny) and 32 posts later I have distributed countless fictitious gifts and completely ran out of creatives ways to ‘fake presents.’

I won’t lie to you; some birthday tributes are more enjoyable to research and write than others (Tomas Kaberle comes to mind). However, there are other posts I am anxious to write. When Mr. Goepfert was in Florida, I thought, “Now that’s an interesting fella, he should make a fun birthday post.”

Then he left the country…

Screw it. It’s Geffman’s birthday and I can break the Icing on the Cake rules if I want to. He may not be on a Carolina roster, but Caniacs will always be a fan. I didn’t plan this, but I must say it worked out to be a tribute week, not day, to Bobby Goepfert on Cardiac Cane. I just wrapped up a two-day interview/game show with him and Casey Borer on Tuesday and here we are Geff’in it up again. Well, his Twitter game is so sporadic, least I can do is play substitute occasionally. Anyways…

Robert J. Goepfert was born on this day in 1983 to JoAnn and Steve Goepfert in Kings Park, New York. This American goalie is known for many things, including virtually co-hosting with Alex Trebek on Jeopardy to dropping gloves with fellow goaltenders.

Instead of walking through a career you may already be familiar with (thanks to @Geffman47 twogs), I am going to share some facts you may or may not know about the charismatic tendy…

  • In 2002, he was the USHL Player and Goaltender of the Year.
  • The Long Island native was the starting goalie in the 2003 World Junior Hockey Championship and led the tournament with a .937 save percentage.
  • He was victorious in a 12-round shootout against the Greenville Road Warriors during the 2010-11 season.
  • During his senior year at St. Cloud, Goepfert was a Top 10 Hobey Baker Finalist.
  • RBK All-American with St. Cloud in 2006 and 2007.
  • He is absolutely horrible at chucking a puck.
  • Geffman was ranked 5th in the DEL for his .914 SV% during the 2009-10 season with the Hamburg Freezers.
  • Goepfert made 1,446 saves for Cedar Rapids during the 2001-02 season over 51 games (1,360 stops the year prior).
  • Earned a career high 25 penalty minutes this past season with the DEG Metro Stars. He also had two assists, 2.75 GAA, and .915 SV%.

Did someone say penalty minutes?

Hooray! On to the gifts! This is the great things about players like Bobby, they are so interactive on Twitter (or Twogs) that fans get to see the off-ice personality. Let me tell you, it makes formulating faux  birthday presents a ton easier. Poor Justin Krueger, I think I stared at the computer for two days before calling it quits. Anyways, break out the cake, here come the gifts…

  • He will forever have an invisible force field that shields him from snow jobs.
  • He will be a contestant on Jeopardy…with quickest answer button and brightest blue screen on his podium.
  • Lyrics and music sheets from every song performed since 1960 magically installed in his noggin. He shall miss a karaoke beat.
  • An unlimited bank account, although he must allow the future Mrs. Geffman unlimited access so she can afford a housecleaner who knows how to Swiffer.
  • Speaking of upcoming nuptials, I grant the couple a wedding of their dreams completely paid in full with promise of no mayhem or mishaps during the big day.
  • His furry babies shall be blessed with a long and healthy life.
  • Finally, a career overflowing with success, laughter, and family (and dancing).

Happy Birthday Mr. Goepfert!

Coming up next…Riley Nash’s birthday tribute! Dang you guys, I hate doubleheaders. In the meantime, enjoy this clip of the birthday goalie in action…