Battle Off The Ice Part II: Borer vs Goepfert


This is it, the moment you have all been waiting for…the final showdown. (Please click here if you missed Round I of this competition.) As a reminded, 2 points are awarded for each correct answer from the guesser and 1 point awarded for the person with the matching answer. Bobby Goepfert has a 6-3 lead going into the final six questions. I was a little surprised at some of these misses. Tell us who you think did a better job, or what answers you would have guessed in the comment section.

1. Bobby Goepfert refers to you as the Wild Borer.What animal do you think best describes him and why?

Casey Borer Guess: If I’m guessing what he is going to say, I think he would say a tiger, however, I think that he is more like a raptor. Mainly, because of his posture and mannerisms, but also because he is quick with an attack.

Bobby Goepfert Answer: He would say monkey or chipmunk. I am not sure exactly what he would choose to go with for this. I am thinking he goes with ‘Monkey’ and use the term “monkeying around” in his description.

SCORE: No points given, although loved both answers.

2. If Bobby Goepfert were a contestant on a game show, would he be on…

A. American Idol

B. Dancing with the Stars

C. Jeopardy

D. The X-Factor

CB:  Jeopardy for sure. The man can dance and he has a personality for television so dancing would be a good one too, but I think it his dream to go on Jeopardy. He has a man crush on Alex Trebek. I think he would also bring a little spice to a sometimes stuffy show.

BG: “Ain’t nuthin like a Jeo Pardy!!!” -Tupac  He better say that. I am intelligence’s best kept secret.

SCORE: Match! 2 points awarded to Mr. Borer, 1 point to Mr. Geffman.

3. What Ben & Jerry’s ice cream best describes Mr. Goepfert?

A. Chubby Hubby

B. Karamel Sutra

C. Americone Dream

D. Jamaican Me Crazy

CB: Karamel Sutra, there is no doubt in my mind he picked this one. He is a very sensual person, plus he is a goalie so it just makes sense.

BG: Jamaican Me Crazy

SCORE: Such a shame this wasn’t a match. 2-Borer, 1 Goepfert

4. What would Geffman say was his most memorable moment from St. Cloud?

CB: I can’t say Geff would have one great memory from that place but more of a database of great memories. I mean, he was a legend on campus. Rarely did he show his face on campus except for hockey, the list goes on for that guy. All-America Awards maybe or his infamous sweep dances in the locker room.

BG: I had a victory dance I would do after we swept a team, so I think he would say that.

SCORE: Woo! Score! 4-Borer, 2 Goepfert

5. Finish this sentence, Bobby Goepfert is a natural-born ______.

CB: Bobby Goepfert is a natural born entertainer. It doesn’t take “Geffman,” “Bob the Bull,” “The Urban Missile” too long to make people laugh or garner the attention of an entire room.

BG: Killer

SCORE: Score remains 4-2 Casey.

6. If Geffman died and came back as a dog, what breed would he be?

a.      Chihuahua

b.     Pit Bull

c.     Siberian Husky

d.     Greyhound

CB: He would come back as a Huskie. I would pick Chihuahua, but it’s husky. He has this idea that is a big strong alpha male, but his bark is bigger than the bite

BG: Chihuahua. He will say something about my size.

SCORE: I’ll consider this a match. 2 points to CB, 1 point to BG.

Casey Borer is the clear winner of Round II, winning 6-3! After two epic rounds of wits, the winner of Cardiac Cane’s Battle Off The Ice is…(drum roll, please)…no one. Enter sad game show music here. Alas, we end on a tied score of 9-9. Just coincidence or do you smell shenanigans? I guess we will never know…

Many thanks again to Bobby and Casey for participating.  I hope you both have a terrific and blessed summer.

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