The Saturday 16: Hockey Twitter Accounts I Can’t Live Without


If there is one thing a hockey fan, or any sports fan for that matter, can’t live without it’s information. Twitter, whether you like it or not, whether you understand it or not, has revolutionized how we receive and share information. And if there is one thing Twitter is full of, it’s up-to-the second, real time information. You can follow not only writers, broadcasters, and teams, but also many hockey players chose to express themselves via Twitter. So if you are on Twitter, you might want to check out these accounts. If you aren’t on Twitter, what are you waiting for? Don’t you know all communication in the future is going to be in 140 characters or less? Better start practicing.

Here are sixteen hockey related Twitter accounts that I can’t live without:

16. @liam_mchugh: Liam McHugh is an NBC Sports Broadcaster who you’ve probably been seeing a lot of this playoff season. He’s full of interesting stats and factoids like this one: “Before last night, the last time Ray Whitney scored a postseason OT goal @BizNasty2point0 was 10 years old & Ekman-Larsson was 3.” (Writers note: I do NOT follow Biz Nasty nor do I endorse him.)

15. @wyshynski: Editor of Puck Daddy on Yahoo! Sports, Greg Wyshynski. This is kind of a no-brainer, but Wyshynski won me over officially with this blog about referee Tim Peel and his terrible officiating. Don’t agree with him? Why not? Check out this logic “Congrats to Steven Stamkos for his Hart nomination. Grandchildren shall hear tales of the 10th place Lightning for generations …” Followed up by: “My Hart top three was Malkin, Giroux and Quick. As for Stamkos, I can’t vote for a non-playoff MVP. That’s a line in the sand.”

14. @DonCherryParody: Twitter is rife with parody accounts, and is overall good for a laugh and those who enjoy sarcasm (like me!). If you can’t stand the real Don Cherry, this is the place to be. Warning: every tweet is in all caps. After the Devils win over the Florida Panthers, “MAN SOMEWHERE THAT MECHANIC GUY FROM THE JERRY STEINFELD SHOW MUST BE LOSIN HIS MIND EH?”

13. @NHLShanaBan: Another great parody account of NHL’s Senior VP of Player Safety. You can follow his real account (@NHLShanahan), but it’s not nearly as amusing. Check out this recent tweet from Not Brendan Shanahan, “We have taken the extraordinary step of equipping the linesmen with pepper spray for tonight’s #PitPhi game. Seemed prudent.”

12. @DownGoesBrown: In staying with our humor theme, check out hockey humor blogger Sean McIndoe. I can’t pick a favorite tweet, just go follow him now.

11. @chrismpeters: Chris Peters, editor of the United States of Hockey blog. He recently evoked some great conversation about the issue of racism and the uneasiness around minorities in hockey, and how it’s time to squash it. Hear hear.

10. @JoeYerdonPHT: Joe Yerdon, writer for Pro Hockey Talk on, brings his info with a hint of snark. Just how I like it. Something happens in the NHL? Expect a blog from Joe about two minutes later.

9. @msconduct10: Think women don’t understand hockey? Here is one Ms. who will prove you wrong. She plays and writes for several different hockey blogs. Plus, big surprise, she’s hilarious! “I’mma spend the whole day Tweeting players asking them to RT me for my birthday. #nonotreally #idiotic”

8. @HockeyBroad: Let’s stick with the girl power for a second with another great role model for us hockey fans who just happen to be women as well. The mission statement of Hockey Broad: “to show the level of knowledge, passion and support that female fans have for the sport of hockey.” If you’re not on board with that, perhaps you should stop reading now.

7. @MikeMcKenna56: Currently Mike McKenna is the goalie for the AHL’s Binghamton Senators. He was drafted in 2002 by the Nashville Predators, and has played for both the Tampa Bay Lightning and the New Jersey Devils in the NHL. In my humble opinion, one of the best for insight into the life of a goalie, and hockey player in general.

6. @CapGeek: Interested in the latest NHL signings, contract dealings, and cap situations, this breaks it down for you.

And the last five are plugs (no not shameless, I feel no shame in supporting my Carolina Hurricanes) are for Canes related Twitter accounts – which you should already be following!

5. @CVHD: AKA Canes Vision HD, AKA the people other than the hockey players that make Canes games so entertaining!

5. @ice_chip: Chip Alexander, who covers the Canes for the News & Observer. He can be a negative Nancy a lot of the time, but many times he’s got info before anyone else.

4. @MSmithCanes: Michael Smith, writer and web producer for the Hurricanes. Lots of great behind the scenes info. I especially appreciate the information from Canes practice, and his Friday Q&A’s give fans a great way to interact.

3. @mikemaniscalco: Mike Maniscalco, host of the Stormfront, the Aftermath and Canes Corner on 99.9 the Fan.

2. @ehstew13: Twitter account for Hurricanes player Anthony Stewart. His “Hunger Games” coverage of the playoffs, genius!

1. @nhl_canes: No brainer. I click on this page about 1,549 times a day.

And of course, we hope you’ll follow us on Twitter and chat. Now back to the playoffs!

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