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Hottest NHL Ice Girls of 2011


Yesterday I posted the Hottest NHL Players of 2011 (YouTube video pending ladies), so it only seems fair to give the guys a little holiday treat. Similar to the players list, these girls are in no particular order. However, I did categorize them by beauty type. Most of the photos give no indictation of the year, so some of these ladies may be from previous seasons…but I really didn’t think you would care.

Enjoy fellas…

Classy Chicks

These are the ladies that are still hot despite being a little more covered up than the other teams.

Click here for another great example from the Boston Bruins, and here to see the Rangers girls.

Top Shelf

I think this is self explanatory.

You may want to click here and here.

Naughty Girls

I must say, I was surprised how many teams had Street Crews made up of guys and gals rather than having Ice Girls. What’s up with that? After hours of research, I proclaim Dallas and Chicago have the sexiest squads.

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