The Hottest NHL Players of 2011


Let me first apologize to my male readers and fellow Cardiac Cane writer, Dan, for this incredibly sexist and offense (yet delicious) post. Ottawa Citizen recently posted their 30 Hottest NHL Players list of 2011 and it was an epic fail in the eyes of this southern gal. I can appreciate their efforts, but perhaps we have a different taste in the south.

These delectable picks are in no specific order. I will leave that up to you. I did, however, categorize them by beauty type. Click the links for more pictures ladies.

The Noah Wylie Beauties

It was around 1996 when women went crazy for that wholesome, guy next door look.

  • Young and wholesome Jeff Skinner must be my first mention. Perfect smile, sick hands, and dimples you want to lick. (Please hold, I need a minute.)
  • Sidney Crosby and his full lips would tempt even the purest of housewives.
  • Honorable Mentions:

    Zach Parise


    Justin Faulk

    , and

    Brandon Sutter

    must be mentioned. Faulk’s wing should be plastered in gold and hung above the freak’in mantle. Sutter’s boyish grin and great sense of humor make him totally drool worthy. Parise is a given.

    The Sinfully Gorgeous

    • Henrik Lundqvist has a level of handsome that should be illegal. It borderlines on causing pain.
    • Newly recalled Sabres’ forward Derek Whitmore is the only thing I will ever like about Buffalo.
    • The eyes of Taylor Pyatt are so wrong they must have been crafted by the devil himself.
    • Maxim Lapierre. His name is Maxim…point made, case closed.
    • Honorable Mentions: Shea Weber and Scottie Upshall get a nod here.

    The Tall, Dark, and Handsome

  • Ray Emery is a 6’2” dreamboat. You hope guys like this will enter your dreams saying, “I’m your huckleberry.”
  • Scott Gomez

    of Montreal may lack the wings, but his looks certainly make up for it.

  • Sheldon Souray is tall, dark, and H-O-T.
  • The 6’3” winger from Boston, Benoit Pouliot, is an honorable mention along with Jonathan Ericsson of the Detroit Red Wings.
  • Fine Finns

    • I know I have some Finnish lovers amongst my readers, so I give you Mikko Koivu.
    • I would also be remised to skip Tuomo Ruutu and his heart-melting sideways grin.
    • Sami Lepisto is a Finn that can bring a girl to her knees.
    • Valtteri Filppula and Teemu Selanne get the honorable mentions in this class of beauties.

    The Incredible, Flexible Goalie

  • Netminders have a group all of their own. What can I say…I have a soft spot for those masked bandits of the crease. Carey Price is an easy pick for this category, but even cuter is Cam Ward. He makes puppies look ugly.
  • I had the pleasure of plastering myself against

    Pekka Rinne

    in Las Vegas. It.Was.Amazing.

    (smokes cigarette)

  • Carolina’s new backup goalie, Brian Boucher, is definitely easy on the eyes. Canes know how to pick’em. When Cam and Bouch both let their scruff grow in a bit…forget about it. Put a fork in me, I am done.
  • My honorable mentions go to my boys of Carolina’s past and present: Mike Murphy, Justin Pogge, and Bobby Goepfert.
  • Did I mention King Henry already?!? Goo.
  • You may have looked at this list and thought it was a bit biased. Too bad, it’s mine Canes’ blog and I’ll crush if I want to. The point is simple…hockey births the biggest beauties in all of sports. I don’t know how it happens, I don’t care, I just appreciate it.

    Let’s Go Canes! Let’s Go Checkers!

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