Best NHL Betting Promos: Get $400 FREE in North Carolina

FanDuel, DraftKings and BetMGM are offering a total of $400 in free pre-registration bonuses, plus an additional $450 in launch promos to celebrate the debut of North Carolina sports betting.


Hurricanes fans in North Carolina have been left on the sidelines while NHL fans around the league have already been in on the action betting on NHL games. The wait for sports betting to become live in North Carolina is nearly over though, with the launch date officially set for March 11.

Betting in NC not being live yet doesn't mean you can't start cashing in though. Industry leaders like FanDuel, DraftKings, and BetMGM are offering substantial pre-registration bonuses to anyone who signs up now, before the official launch.

Here's how to unlock $400 free PLUS an additional $450 in launch bonuses in North Carolina.

FanDuel North Carolina Promo: $100 Pre-Registration + $200 Launch Bonus

Despite being the nation's leading sportsbook, FanDuel hasn't hesitated in crafting a lucrative offer for new users in North Carolina. This offer awards you $100 free simply for registering before the official launch, along with an extra $200 bonus if you place a wager of $5 or more after betting goes live.

To claim your $300, follow these steps:

  1. Use this link to register for FanDuel Sportsbook today
  2. Wait for the launch date (March 11th)
  3. Automatically receive your initial $100 bonus
  4. Deposit and place a bet of at least $5
  5. Automatically receive your $200 bonus

Your bet's outcome doesn't even matter – you'll receive a total of $300 in bonuses just for placing a $5 bet.

DraftKings North Carolina Promo: $100 Pre-Registration + $250 Launch Bonus

Register with DraftKings today, and you'll automatically receive $100 on the launch date. An additional $250 will hit your account once you place a bet of $5 or more.

Here are the steps to claim your $350 from DraftKings:

  1. Register for DraftKings using this exclusive Cardiac Cane link
  2. Complete the registration process before March 11
  3. On March 11 automatically receive $100 in bonuses
  4. Deposit and place a bet of at least $5 on or after March 11
  5. Receive your $250 bonus instantly

BetMGM North Carolina Promo: Free $200 Pre-Registration Bonus

BetMGM is providing a larger free pre-registration bonus than either FanDuel or DraftKings, but they don't offer any extra launch day promotions. Therefore, you must register before the launch to benefit from this offer.

The steps to unlock your BetMGM North Carolina bonus are even simpler:

  1. Use this link to register for BetMGM
  2. Complete the registration and verification process today
  3. Automatically receive your $200 bonus on March 11

North Carolina Sportsbook Promo Summary




Pre-Registration Bonus




Launch Bonus




Sign-Up Link

FanDuel sign-up

DraftKings sign-up

BetMGM sign-up

In total, you can claim up to $850 in bonuses simply by registering today and placing a combined $10 bet when sports betting goes live in North Carolina on March 11. You won't come across easier wins in your betting journey, so seize this opportunity while it lasts!