Remembering The Biggest Trade Deadlines in Hurricanes History: Starting From Scratch

The "Dark Days" continued for the organization, signaling one of the most remarkable shifts in franchise history with several star players being moved.

Carolina Hurricanes v New York Rangers
Carolina Hurricanes v New York Rangers / Al Bello/GettyImages
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The Carolina Hurricanes were in the middle of one of the toughest stretches of hockey in the organization's history. They hadn't tasted postseason success since 2009, marking the longest playoff drought since the team moved to North Carolina. As we'd come to learn, this was only the beginning.

In Part 4, we'll look at their deadlines from 2015 to 2017. With a new boss behind the bench, the organization was trying to find a way to turn the ship around. Instead, the next few years would signal the end of an era as the team made one of its biggest moves ever. As cliche as it might sound, the Carolina Hurricanes had to essentially start from scratch.