Kids Canes: Seth Jarvis Is Having A Year!

Seth "Naptime" Jarvis is having one great season. Let's learn more about the guy who loves a nap.
Seth Jarvis battles for the puck
Seth Jarvis battles for the puck / Jacob Kupferman/GettyImages

Seth Jarvis is from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada which is in the middle of Canada and north of Minnesota. Winnipeg is named for Lake Winnipeg, which is close by. English explorer Henry Kelsey may have been the first European to see the lake but no one is sure. At the time the Cree and Ojibwe Indian tribes were living in the area. Kelsey adopted the Cree and Ojibwe word "win-nipi" meaning "murky water" or "muddy water."

First Nation Canadian Cree Indians in Saskatoon
First Nation Canadian Cree Indians at a pow wow / Tim Graham/GettyImages

In the winters it can get very cold, and the record is -54 degrees! Even in the hottest part of the summer, it once was only 30 degrees outside.
Can you imagine having to wear a coat to play outside in July?

Investors Group Field
Aerial Views Of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. / Tom Szczerbowski/GettyImages

You can learn more about Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada HERE

This season is "Naptime" Jarvis' third season with the Carolina Hurricanes. He has already scored 45 goals for the Hurricanes in the regular seasons, and 8 in the playoffs. He has 62 assists in 190 games, which (if you will remember our lesson about percentages) is 32%. That means that Seth Jarvis has an assist once every three games for the Canes. If you figure it up, between assists and goals (23%) that means that Seth Jarvis is involved in more that half of the goals the Carolina Hurricanes have scored since he started playing for the Canes. WOW! WOW! DOUBLE WOW!

Seth Jarvis
Rich Graessle/GettyImages

But maybe the very best thing we love most about Seth "Naptime" Jarvis is his interviews. He says the funniest things. Of course there is the famous "naps" interview where Jarvis tells all about his nap habits. Below is one he did with the O+G podcast where he talks about not knowing what a cassette tape is for. you know what a cassette tape is? Ask the oldest person you know if they know what one is. I bet they have some somewhere, and maybe something to play them with.

Whether it is funny interviews, or his play on the ice, we love Seth Jarvis. He has had three great seasons with the Carolina Hurricanes, and we hope he has plenty more.

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