Checking in on the Prospects: NCAA Edition

Michigan v Massachusetts-Amherst
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Jayden Perron
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Jayden Perron RW North Dakota

Rounding out our list is 2023 third-round draft pick Jayden Perron out of the University of North Dakota.  Perron is a smaller player but has great instincts, hockey IQ, and stick skills to complement his game.  Perron’s production has been slow this season for North Dakota as he adjusts to playing against older competition.  However, he showed playmaking abilities in juniors, scoring 72 points in 61 games during his final season for the Chicago Steel.  Perron will need some more time to develop at the college ranks before he is ready for the pro game.  I expect he also needs a couple of years in the AHL before being able to contribute at the NHL level.

Future Outlook: Middle six winger to dynamic AHL playmaker