All-Star Game: To Be Or Not To Be...Chosen

2023 NHL All-Star
2023 NHL All-Star / Bruce Bennett/GettyImages

The Presidential election is in 2024 but the NHL All-Star game voting opened with the announcement of the representatives for each team. The Carolina Hurricanes representative will be Sebastian Aho, unless, of course, another Canes player is voted in by the fans.

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Last year Andrei Svechnikov was picked to be the Carolina representative for the All-Star game. A campaign by Caniacs to put Martin Necas in the festivities fell short. Unfortunately, we have learned that the vote does not always work in our favor, despite a marketing push.

It must be a weird feeling for the players to experience the ups and downs of the All-Star game selections, whether picked or voted. Always an honor to be in the game, the players must be flattered at any route to being in the game and enjoying the weekend festivities.

It is sad to see the players who are selected and choose not to participate or come down with an "injury" to miss the weekend. This seems to happen across all professional sports these days.

This whole process got me thinking about how I would feel in the shoes or skates of the players involved. Is it better to be selected by professionals or popularly voted into the game by the fans?

It is no lie that these phenomenal athletes tend to grow an ego, so popularity is something they must keep an eye on during the vote. Some players have a more shy personality and would be relieved to not be selected or put on the ballot for voting.

Svechnikov was selected to play but the real story in Raleigh last season was the push by the fans for Necas to get to South Florida. Sure, Necas did not get selected, whether fair or not, but he drew more attention from the fans than Svechnikov. Both players had similar statistics but Necas lovers felt he was robbed and needed to participate.

To be selected by professionals shows that you are appreciated and valued in the hockey world. On the other hand, the fans are what make the game bigger and better so being voted into the game is more flattering. Whether the votes are for only hockey remains to be seen.

I would much rather be selected by professionals than voted by fans. The professionals truly know the game and the fans will always root and cheer for the better players. Although it is still tempting to be voted.