Kids Canes: “Officer Bob” Beats Canes, “Chat-man-du” Scores A First

Kids Canes reader, Sergei “Officer Bob” Bobrovsky has almost beat the Canes by himself. Jalen “Chat-man-du” Chatfield did score one goal, but it has not been enough to win.

May 20, 2023; Raleigh, North Carolina, USA; Carolina Hurricanes defenseman Jalen “Chat-man-du” Chatfield (5) battles for the puck with Florida Panthers center Colin White (6) in game two of the Eastern Conference Finals of the 2023 Stanley Cup Playoffs at PNC Arena. Mandatory Credit: James Guillory-USA TODAY Sports

The Hurricanes did score one goal in game 2 of the playoffs. It was scored by Jalen “Chat-man-du” Chatfield.

“Chat-man-du” Chatfield is playing in his first NHL playoffs in just his third NHL season.

In his very first season, he played for the Vancouver Canucks, and then was traded to the Carolina Hurricanes.

The goal “Chat-man-du” Chatfield scored in game two was his first playoff goal ever.

He did score six in the regular season.

Because Chatfield is a defensemen, who is tries more to keep the other team from score, he does not score as many goals as Sebastian “Fishy” Aho or Seth “Nap Time” Jarvis.

Here is a video of “Chat-man-du” scoring an awesome goal earlier in the season

But “Officer Bob” Bobrovsky has been so good against the Canes.

Here is “Officer Bob” making a great save for the Florida Panthers against the Carolina Hurricanes

That has to be hard to do. The Canes have tried their best to score, but “Officer Bob” just has not let them.

He is doing his job so well.

In two games “Officer Bob” Bobrovsky has 69 saves! And the Canes have shot 70 pucks at him over the 2 games!

Game two of the playoff was in Raleigh, North Carolina, but game three was played in Florida.

The next game will also be played in Florida.

If the Carolina Hurricanes cannot win in game four of the playoffs, their season will be over.

But, let’s see what happens! All you Kids Canes readers need to cheer extra hard. Maybe Jalen “Chat-man-du” Chatfield and the Canes can score enough goals to bet “Officer Bob” Bobrovsky.

Win or lose, we will be right here writing articles for all you Kids Canes readers!

Kids Canes Challenge:

What is a hurricane? Do you they have hurricanes where you live?

Kids Canes Answer:

We asked how many more saves did “Officer Bob” have than “Freddie” Andersen in game one of the playoffs.

You would take the number of save “Officer Bob” had (63) and subtract the number “Freddie” Andersen had (56).

63-56= 7

So the answer is 7!

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