Canes Podcasts: Who To Listen To, Who To Ignore

Mar 23, 2019; Raleigh, NC, USA; Carolina Hurricanes mascot stormy celebrates with the fan after the game against the Minnesota Wild at PNC Arena. The Carolina Hurricanes defeated the Minnesota Wild 5-1. Mandatory Credit: James Guillory-USA TODAY Sports
Mar 23, 2019; Raleigh, NC, USA; Carolina Hurricanes mascot stormy celebrates with the fan after the game against the Minnesota Wild at PNC Arena. The Carolina Hurricanes defeated the Minnesota Wild 5-1. Mandatory Credit: James Guillory-USA TODAY Sports /

If you find yourself without hockey and in need of some Canes podcasts, you are not alone. I have a few I listen to all the time, and a few I don’t listen to for a variety of reasons.  For the most part, I do not care for people jabbing back and forth, or sending secret slights.

Nor do I care about your opinion enough to listen for 2 hours. Start every sentence with “I think” and I think I am out.

My ideal Canes podcast is more informative, and holds a diversity of viewpoints about the world of Hurricanes hockey. Short, and concise is nice, but if you are informative, friendly, and entertaining, I will listen for any amount of time.

A quick word about my terminology.

Staty: Statics and more stats

Fandom: Anything from uni-talk to movie references. Stuff other than just on the ice hockey.

Tit for tat: Arguing between other writers or podcasters. On social media or on their podcast.

Talky: Talking to hear their own voice. Too much opinion.

Who I Listen To:

CanesCast hosted by  Mike Maniscalco, and Shane Willis

You cannot argue with the official podcast of the Carolina Hurricanes hosted by the play-by-play announcer and a former Hurricane. You might not like their take on certain things but you cannot ignore their access to most Canes related information.

Listeners can expect a good balance between the staty and the fandom but the fandom is mostly non Canes related. Great movie references mixed with a serious study of hockey, plus expert analysis.

Podcasts typically run up to an hour, but are usually shorter.

The Storm Cellar hosted by Brad and Ray

I am biased here. They’ve had me on and I had a great time.

Still, Ray and Brady are super friendly, and know their Hurricanes hockey. You will not catch them going tit for tat with anyone.

Their bringing on a diverse group of guests, and their willingness to tackle differing opinions is to be commendable. As I have heard both of them say “I’m a big guy, I can hear when I am wrong.”

In a microworld that can be pretty mean at times, these guys the furthest thing from. Do not expect too much staty talk, but their Canes fandom is pretty widespread.

Podcasts can run anywhere up to a couple of hours, but that depends on how talky the guests.

Canes Corner hosted by Adam Gold

Like with CanesCast, you have to respect the access Adam Gold manages. As far as Canes podcasts goes, Canes Corner is second as far as informative.

By far this will be the most staty podcast on this list. Hosting and opinions are lukewarm.

I see Adam Gold as a counterbalance to “official” Hurricanes broadcasters. He will take the collective Canes fan’s point of view more. He will call out bad performances and does not pull punches on certain issues.

Plus, you get the added bonus of a condensed podcast that you can pick up and drop in a short car ride.

Who I Don’t Listen To:

Home Ice Advantage hosted by Collin

I started out with this podcast.

He does dive more into the history of the Hurricanes, more than any Canes podcasts does, which is appreciable. Of the fan podcasts, this is by far the most informative.

You can expect a good mix of staty talk and fandom. The fandom is all Hurricane related here, as opposed to the pop culture you get elsewhere. Collin calls it like he sees it (which I respect) but sometimes it is a little too much. (Side bar: I respected Collin’s voicing his opinions about the Hurricane’s Pride night like he did)

He can also be a little talky (especially on a negative). Expect to devote some time listening to Home Ice Advantage because this Canes podcast can run you a couple of hours.

The SurgeCast hosted by Zach Martin, Bailey Curtis, & Kat Hunter

If there was ever a fandom Canes podcast, it is The SurgeCast. Most episodes start at an hour and go from there.

If you want that much fan talk, this is your podcast.

Be forewarned, it can get very talky and do not expect much in the line of stats. Here too, expect some tit-for-tat if you ever write or say something they do not agree with.

You’ll get called out.

Tough crowd they are, but tough crowds are expected in this game. It can also be one sided, but some point, especially at the lengths they go for, you need a diversity of opinions.

You do not have to disagree with each on everything, but an occasional pause in the back slapping is nice.

There is a veritable cornucopia of Canes Podcasts out there hosted by a variety of great Carolina Hurricanes fans.

I like what I like.

Give me an informative, diversely opinionated, entertaining show, and I will be a fan! Get too in the weeds , fall in love with your own voice, or go tit-for-tat with people about opinions, and I am out.

All any of us are doing is talking about the game of hockey, and sharing an opinion. You are more than welcome to take my opinion and tell me to go eat plain crackers.

I’m a big guy, and don’t take too much personally. And for anyone who there who wants to change me mind, I’ll listen.

Invite me on your Canes podcast, and I’ll join you anytime!