Carolina Hurricanes Agree to Terms with Haydn Fleury

The Carolina Hurricanes have finally re-signed Haydn Fleury

The Carolina Hurricanes have finally re-signed Haydn Fleury to a two-year deal with a $1.3 Million AAV avoiding arbitration.

Haydn Fleury has a shiny new contract and that sound you hear is the collective gasp of air from the Caniacs who have been holding their breath waiting on this contract to finally come through.

There was no doubt that the Hurricanes were going to sign one of their best up-and-coming defenders but when the negotiation got scheduled for arbitration there was a lot of concern about how far apart the team and the player really were.

Those concerns can now be put aside. The Carolina Hurricanes and Fleury have agreed to a two-year deal that will pay him $1.3 Million each year. This is an excellent deal for both the player and the team. While it would have been nice to secure a longer contract, this deal leaves a lot of cap space for the team to continue working on their offseason. Specifically, about $3 Million.

For Fleury, the short two-year term is motivation to improve his performance, while also anticipating the eventual rise in the cap limit once the league returns to a more normal schedule in around two years time. That rise will allow him to ask for more while also allowing the team to continue to build their roster.

Don Waddell had nothing but good things to say about the young defender and ensured the Canaics that Fleury is, indeed, a large part of the team’s plans for success:

“Haydn made a huge leap in his development last season and established himself as an everyday NHL defenseman. He was very dependable late in the regular season and in the playoffs, and we look forward to him continuing his development into an elite NHL defenseman.”

With that signing, Don Waddell and the Carolina Hurricanes have only a single NHL level contract to work on before being ready for the 2020-2021 season. That contract of course belongs to Warren Foegele who also scheduled for arbitration. Luckily there is plenty of cap space. Expect Foegele to also receive a deal between $1-2 million short term deal.

The Hurricanes will continue to boast one of the best defensive corps in the league. If they can stay healthy the 2020-2021 season could be a continuous climb from the wildcards into an automatic playoff spot if not the division leader.

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